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French leader in online savings management, YOMONI manages nearly 1 billion euros for its 50,000 clients. Advanced technology, excellent managers, wide range of solutions… An online wealth management platform designed to be widely accessible to the public. Sebastian Dornano, Founder and President of Yomoney, answers our questions.

Who is Yoni?

Yomoni is the leader of the administration savings online. We offer more digital savings, more responsible, and simpler. Our offering revisits traditional market products (PER, PEA, life insurance, stock account, etc.) by augmenting them with the power of technology and ETFs, all for minimal costs! Before you ask the question: ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are financial instruments that allow you to invest in the markets by replicating the performance of a stock market index (CAC40, S&P500, etc.)

How did Yomoni emerge to be today’s leader in online savings management in France?

By making savings management accessible to as many people as possible! we have, from 1000 eurosYou have access to excellence in our services. In many management companies, the entrance ticket is several thousand, even several million euros. After that, through PS and remove all papers. Finally, by dramatically reducing costs, with us, there are no entry fees, no hidden fees, and limited fees to a maximum of 1.6% all inclusive.

Do you have an environmental focus?

definitely. Our latest offering, Real Estate Invested Life Insurance, is titled Socially Responsible Investing (SRI). As well as our private equity offering and our dedicated life insurance for responsible investments. Our customers identify themselves with this vision as more and more of them join us in this value proposition.

And the woman in all of this?

Women have already come a long way in saving and their involvement in managing their wealth continues to increase. This phenomenon, if it grows, will benefit from its intensification: women still represent a minority share of our clients’ portfolio compared to men. However, when they start to care about their money, it’s often with ingenuity (risk taking, financial savvy, etc.)! We seek to address women with all that distinguishes them, whether they are entrepreneurs, employees, self-employed, wives, singles, mothers… We will send them a heritage report and solutions that are compatible with their needs.

What are Yomoni’s predictions for 2023?

The possibilities are many and exciting! The savings market in France today represents 6000 billion. We want to continue Democratization of savings managementcontinuing to attract more and more savers, to revolutionize tomorrow’s savings.

Practical information:

linkedin: https://fr.linkedin.com/company/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/yomonifr

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