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Doja Cat refuses to tell ‘creepy’ fans she loves them: ‘Get a job’

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Doja Cat has lamented her stardom and fans before, but she reached a new level over the weekend when she urged some particularly ardent fans to “get a job” rather than pursue a “creepy” parasitic relationship with her.

Taylor Swift has Swifties, Nicki Minaj has Barbz – Doja, however, she’s not interested in faking any kind of intimacy by giving her fans a nickname. Some of them adopted “Kittenz,” but the rapper shot down that notion: “My fans don’t call themselves shit,” she wrote in a since-deleted post on her Threads account recently (via TMZ). “If you call yourself a ‘kitten’ or ‘kitten’, that means you need to put down your phone, get a job and help your parents around the house.”

For those who made some variation of “kitten” in their stan account username, this news has raised a bit of a quandary. When a fan using the moniker “thekittenzweb” asked Doja what she should change her screen name to instead, she replied: “Just delete the account and rethink everything it’s never too late.” Doja replied to another fan with the username “amalazandiledlamini”: “You making my state name is scary as fuck.”


Some fans tried to reason with Doja, saying they just wanted their love to be reciprocated. “I’m not [love you] Even though I don’t even know you,” she said. The others were more confrontational. “You wouldn’t be anything without us,” argued one, to which Doga jokingly replied, “Nobody forced you to think why you talk to me like you’re my mother bitch, you sound like a crazy person.”

Sure, Doja likes to stir the internet pot now and then, but she made a few points here. From constantly worrying about celebrities’ dating lives to seemingly endless things being thrown at performers, the news coming out of Stan’s world lately is even more scary and outrageous than usual. See screenshots of her posts below.

Doja Cat recently announced their 2023 tour dates, you can find tickets here. She also voiced some complaints about living in the spotlight on her latest single, “Attention”.

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