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Agathe de La Fontaine, an Instagram nugget

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Agathe de la Fontaine started her career as an actress. Scouted by Roger Vadim, she landed her first role with Mickey Rourke nine and a half weeks later, and a career in international cinema. In 1998, she married world soccer champion Emmanuel Petit. This brilliant and multidisciplinary beauty was able to transform both with wit and daring.

Agathe de la Fontaine uses her charisma and network of prestigious contacts to develop an influential presence on social networks, particularly on Instagram.

It is now a recorded fact that one in four French people is: 26% Already discover a new product through influencer. Even more impressive, they have the effect of buying, recommending or, conversely, giving away the product. The observation is that social networks are real growth accelerators for brands and businesses.

Agathe de le Fontaine is one of those very present women who really delivers an offerrelay the influential opinion consumption habits of her community, and is a follower of all the advice she gives. This potential strength and impact on consumption is exponential! The return on investment for brands is on the rise.

For brands, choice is crucial, because it is necessary to know how to select those who will know how to be original rather than bet everything on their audience. Agathe de la Fontaine is part of elitethey are betting on Quality More than quantity, his followers are real nuggets And real consumers, unlike other popular influencers who reach a wider audience.

Her credibility as a successful entrepreneur and charismatic personality make her an ideal choice for brands looking to expand their reach and promote their products.

Thanks to this notoriety, he approaches her Andrei Fabiani His partner and co-creator of a real estate company, his new challenge is to create a new Instagram account where we can discover his acquisitions out market !

But Agathe is also her investment Work crew In associations close to his heart such as ocean rescue project A non-profit environmental association of general interest.

A star to follow!

This article was written by: Constance White

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