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Recruitment: Yes, candidates act like consumers, but it’s up to us to adapt.

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In 2022, the job market has reached a tipping point with less than one candidate filling each position according to the Golden Bee Study. Faced with this talent shortage, solutions exist to continue recruiting in spite of everything. Lucy Mendez, founder of the staffing firm, shares some practical advice.

Adapt to the behaviors of new candidates

Lucy Mendez, according to you, to hire better, you need to focus on better understanding the aspirations and behavior of candidates…

Locke: Yes, companies must accept that candidates are now in a position of strength. They adopt the behaviors of informed consumers and make their market Among the available opportunities. They compare offers, check company ratings or simply update their profile on linkedin For recruits to come to them. But the great novelty is that, beyond the traditional aspects of the job such as tasks, location and salary, they now consider new criteria for decision-making such as well-being at work and obligations in terms of corporate social responsibility and ethics. They also address previously taboo topics from the first interview, such as work hours, and the possibility of Distance working or benefits. Behaviors that sometimes destabilize employers when they are a sign that the candidate is projecting himself into the company by keeping in mind its universality!

As companies must now differentiate themselves from competing employers by highlighting their distinct value proposition: beyond position and salary, what do they have to offer in terms of working conditions, management style, atmosphere and Jobs ? Today, the recruitment partner must also be able to know and reinforce the employer’s promise to their clients to make a difference.

You explain that companies, even though they have a full suite of staffing tools, need companies more than ever.

More and more companies have teams of ” acquisition talent »Very active on social networks and CV libraries On-line. This drives us to constantly question ourselves and perfect our direct approach techniques. Our core expertise remains identifying candidates who escape from our clients’ networks, but we also position ourselves as consulting partners. This is the thinking behind creating my own company after 15 years in corporate HR: What kind of company would I want to go with to find and persuade suitable candidates? And to help managers to identify their needs and make the right decision in short list Who are the candidates? The candidates themselves increasingly need advice: there are so many opportunities open to them all the time, and making the decision to leave a position or choose a suitable employer has never been so complicated.

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