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Degree in Project Management, a solution to improve the integration of young people into the world of work

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In the increasingly changing world of work, many solutions, especially certifications in project management, help give more prospects to future professionals.

Last revisions, final partials, and finally, the exam period is coming to an end soon for many students. Every year in France no less than 440 thousand young graduates embarking on their first job search, according to Dars. However, according to a recent Céreq study, only 38% of young graduates get a permanent contract directly. This figure shows the integration between diploma and certificate to enter the world of work faster. The benefits of this approach are manifold and facing the evolution of business value, it is necessary to provide robust responses. So, what are the means to improve the integration of young people into the world of work? How can we better bring higher education institutions closer to business? And in the end, what benefits can a certification in project management bring?

Answers with PMI.

Young graduates and recruiters: overlapping expectations

The transition from university benches to corporate offices is not always easy, and even more so when the expectations of young employees and those of recruiters diverge. According to the survey PMI Job Prospect SurveyYoung people are looking above all for a good salary (69% of respondents), a balance between their professional and personal lives (59%) and a certain flexibility (53%).

For their part, recruits first of all expect to find a newcomer Executive recruits As soon as possible. Do current courses meet these expectations? If they provide their students with important theoretical skills, we can only regret the lack of learning related to business skills and knowledge. However, these are essential to ensure good integration and to allow young people to reach their potential within the company. Therefore, enhancing the possibilities of integration and development in the labor market necessarily raises the issue of integration between training and certification.

Consolidation of higher education and business partnership

One of the first solutions is to continue developing Work, study and vocational training. As a reminder, at the end of 2022, there were 979,538 young people in vocational training, which is a record! This process at the crossroads of the academic and professional worlds allows future professionals to train on the job and customize practices specific to each company more quickly. Fostering partnerships between higher education institutions, training platforms and companies also plays a key role. By organizing round tables, conferences and exchange sessions with entrepreneurs, young people will be better trained and better informed about the expectations of the professional world.

In this perspective, project management plays a major role. It facilitates the transition between the academic and the professional world and therefore must be more integrated in the school curriculum, but also in the training modules that companies offer to their employees. 71% of students realize they need project management skills throughout their career.

Project Management Certificate, Functional Accelerator

The PMI study highlights this 80% of students consider project management skills one of the most important and attractive aspects of a resume. They up to 55% confirm that a good project management degree is sometimes more beneficial than a master’s level diploma. In fact, these are complementary courses that contribute to consolidating acquired skills in the eyes of recruits. Thus, for those questioned, having a project management degree makes it possible to enhance employability (44%), have a more complete resume (38%) and provides a certain professional credibility (38%).

But then, having a project management degree generally has a positive effect on his pay. according to PMI Gain strength reportProfessionals trained in project management earn an above-average salary. In France, project management degree holders, for example, earn 13% more than their untrained counterparts. Positions held by trained project management professionals are also higher up the hierarchy. As evidence of this, holders of the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) ® certification provided by the Project Management Institute, hold higher positions today than when they earned their certification.

While the risk of a shortage of project managers by 2030 is becoming more pressing, obtaining project management certifications is an alternative option to promote the integration of young people into the world of work. The Project Management Certificate has the advantage of being cross-functional and suitable for all sectors. It meets both the expectations of young people, but also the expectations of recruits. Combined with the convergence of schools and the professional world, this is a key opportunity to enable young people to make a successful transition into the job market.

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