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Lady Gaga wanted to be called a different name on the set of Joker 2

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Stefani Germanotta has played around with different names throughout her life: Stef, Mother Monster, and of course, Lady Gaga. But when it came time to star as Harley Quinn in Todd Phillips’ sequel jokerAnd She wanted to use a completely different pseudonym, according to cinematographer Larry Sher.

Cher was a guest star on a recent episode of Trench talk Podcast to chat about Joker: Mad for two and Gaga’s unwavering demeanor. Referring to the pop star’s “style” leanings, Cher explained that he had a hard time connecting with her at first.

“It was strange that I felt like I hadn’t even met her during the make-up and hair tests,” he said. “Maybe my philosophy was not to try and get into their space. I remember for a week, I was like, ‘Oh my God, I feel like we’re breaking up. Not even calling. We are like opposites. And I would say to my crew, “Jesus, I can’t, like, break her. She either hates me or we hate each other. Something weird is going on here.”


It turns out that Gaga was just trying to stay in character where he is, which is a significantly more difficult task when you’re called by your legal first name: “I hardly said anything, except I’d say, ‘Stephanie, that’s where your second team was, little little things,'” Scheer said.

“The next thing I said, it was my thing, and everything changed. From that point on, it was like…our whole relationship changed. I was like, OK, wow.”

Cher didn’t explain why “Lee” was Gaga’s favorite name, but we think it stemmed from her character’s name. Either way, you can watch Cher’s full interview below; His comments above start around the 32-minute mark.


Joker: Mad for two It’s set to premiere on October 4th, 2024, and he’s got quite a few shoes to fill. Phillips first joker It became the highest-grossing comic book movie of all time (and the highest-grossing movie of all time), which led to a Warner Bros. movie. A sequel fast-tracks with the return of Joaquin Phoenix and screenwriter Scott Silver.

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