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FORZA ITALY | From Sorrento to Positano, here are the 17 best hotels on the Amalfi Coast

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Fancy an Italian vacation this summer? What could be better than the Amalfi Coast! To help you choose a hotel that is 100% worth staying at sweet VitaTablet Hotels reveals its selection of the best hotels in the region.

For centuries, the charm of the Amalfi Coast has attracted some of the world’s most famous figures, from Roman nobles to legendary writers. Many exceptional villas and hotels dot these rugged mountains and cascading cliffs, making the Amalfi Coast one of the most popular summer destinations in the world. Positano, Ravello and Amalfi are the busiest cities in the region.

You can catch a ferry along the coast from Naples or Sorrento, and travel easily to Salerno and Positano, while visiting all the towns in between. By car, it’s a nightmare during high season, with hour-long delays expected in tight cliff-side switchbacks. Be sure to book your visit to the Amalfi Coast at least a year in advance of the hotels mentioned in this article.

Lucy Liebermanthe new Managing Director of Tablet Hotels, describes the criteria considered for selecting this year’s top-rated hotels on the Amalfi Coast: “We have taken into account the quality of hotels in the region: how our customers rate them, whether or not they are in the ‘Plus’ category and offer additional benefits to travelers who book with the Tablet (or the Michelin Guide), and our relationship with them (which is always a good indicator of how they treat their customers). Tablet chooses the most interesting hotels in the world – places where you will have an experience not Forgettable, beyond your hotel night, establishments that stand out for their style, service and personality – whatever their price tag. We regularly add hotels to our selection, while narrowing down the list, to ensure that we keep not all hotels, but only the important ones. »

Here are the best hotels on the Amalfi Coast according to Tablet (rated above 19/20), with confirmed traveler reviews.


Santa Caterina Hotel

Score: 19.6/20 | 67 rooms

“Few traditional-style hotels make us buzz, but Hotel Santa Caterina is utterly classic. Family-owned for nearly a century, it sits on a hill facing the sea and the town of Amalfi. Guests descend by elevator to the hotel’s private beach, for an unforgettable experience on the Italian coast.”

NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento d’Amalfi

Score: 19.0/20 | 53 rooms

This former monastery clings to the cliff, on the edge of the famous Amalfi Coast. One would think that 12 property developersH Century has designed this place thinking of the hotel market in the 21st centuryH a century. »


JK Place

Score: 19.8/20 | 22 rooms

“JK Place is one of the only hotels in Capri right on the water, and it couldn’t be more central: it is located in the ancient Roman city, on a cliff overlooking the port. That pretty much sums up the hotel’s approach. No expense is spared, nothing is overlooked and nothing is misplaced. It is simply an exceptional location.” »

Capri Tiberio Palace

Score: 19.3/20 | 46 rooms

“Palace Tiberio embodies that easy-going Mediterranean hospitality that draws inspiration from the freshness of 1960s cinema. With the help of a color palette in creamy tones, the atmosphere of the place promises to be light and is reflected in the smallest details, such as white linen trousers. The hotel is high enough to provide a good view of the greenery of the island, dotted with terraced villas down to the sea.”

Caesar Augustus Hotel

Rating: 19/20 | 58 rooms

“The view is the main attraction at Hotel Caesar Augustus; Caesar himself would not have settled in a cliffside hotel less than 300 meters above the Gulf of Naples. An infinity pool is a familiar concept by now, but from this lofty setting it recaptures so much of its modernity that it’s easy to feel as big as Vesuvius. »


Il San Pietro di Positano

Rating: 20/20 | 20 rooms

A chapel from the seventeenth centuryH The horn dedicated to San Pietro marks the entrance to the hotel, and the rest of the property clings to the cliff below, each level of the wall descending like a staircase – perhaps an odd experience for those uncomfortable with heights, but it offers unparalleled sea views from every room and balcony. Each bedroom hugs the cliff at the rear and opens onto a private balcony at the front. »

Palazzo Murat Hotel

Rating: 20/20 | 20 rooms

“This is amazing castle, which Murat had previously chosen as his residence, has been converted into a hotel in the heart of Positano. Located on a romantic pedestrian street covered in bougainvillea, the hotel has a wonderful garden and citrus grove, as well as elegant rooms decorated in typical local style, a stone’s throw from the Duomo and the beach. »

warning siren

Score: 19.4/20 | 59 rooms

“The Sirenuse is not a hotel. For 250 years it was the summer residence of the noble Neapolitan Marchese Sersale family, who still run the hotel. The interior design is simple and charming, with an originality so modest that it is almost negligible. This is not your typical historic hotel. The floors are tiled, the windows are delicately mullioned, and the light-coloured bedrooms have simple white beds and antiques lovingly collected since the family first moved here. The bar is small and, as in the restaurant, vines and bougainvilleas have grown on the walls. Sirenuse is also known for having the best seafood restaurant in town. »

Hotel Villa Franca Positano

Rating: 19.1/20 | 44 rooms

“The villa was a private home before the family turned it into a boutique hotel. The place is full of designer pieces and thoughtful details, from the library of Italian films to vintage board games. It has the comforts of a guesthouse, and with a rooftop pool, excellent spa, and two gourmet restaurants, it has the allure of a luxury hotel. Like all other buildings in the heart of Positano’s old town, the villa is built into the sheer cliff.”


Casa Angelina

Rating: 19.2/20 | 42 rooms

“Casa Angelina is a rare hotel that makes modern architecture and design a virtue, even in such a traditional environment, and in doing so creates a note of understated luxury that few hotels anywhere can match. Most rooms have balconies that open out to an unparalleled panorama, as do terraces in the common areas. There is a terrace with an outdoor pool and a hydrotherapy pool in the hotel spa – and there is always a beach accessible by lift and then a 200-step climb up the side of the cliff.” »

Poseidon Hotel

Score: 19.3/20 | 17 rooms

Originally built as a private villa, Hotel Poseidon opened to the public in 1950 and remains part of Positano’s small but elite fraternity of classic luxury hotels. It is located halfway up the curved slope of Positano on the sunny side, giving it stunning views of the city and sea, as well as easy access to the beach. »


Caruso, Belmond Hotel, Amalfi Coast

Score: 19.9/20 | 50 rooms

“This hotel is perched on a cliff in Ravello, overlooking the coast from the balcony, a view that Gore Vidal has described as the most beautiful in the world. The rooms meander through the building, all different, all luxuriously furnished, and most with views that range from pleasant to breathtaking. The hotel has been renovated, yes, but not updated. It has retained the classic look (and old-fashioned service) that makes this establishment a must-visit. »

Palazzo Avenue

Rating: 19/20 | 43 rooms

Palazzo Avino is charming, ancient and resplendent: this palace is from the 12th centuryH The Century Hotel has been one of Europe’s finest since the 1880s, the floors and staircases are marble, and contemporary artwork lines the walls of the common areas, with plenty of sofas and chairs arranged for quiet contemplation. The swimming pool is a luxurious idyllic setting, made even more magnificent by the scenic views – whether it is by the pool or from the underwater picture window, guests can enjoy a panoramic view covering the hills and villages on the coast and the deep blue sea in the distance. »



Rating: 19.7/20 | 12 bedrooms

“Rather than being monochromatic and simple, the rooms are bright and sunny—literally, because they are open to light, with back-and-forth views of Sorrento, the Gulf of Naples, and Vesuvius, and figuratively with their clean lines and bright hues, which range from lime green to turquoise to simple, almost Scandinavian primary colors.”

Bellevue Serene 1820

Score: 19.4/20 | 50 rooms

This classic five-star hotel has been a staple for Italians since it opened in 1820, and it’s easy to see why: this cliffside villa overlooks the waterfront and the Bay of Naples from one of Sorrento’s most exclusive locations. Even today, Bellevue Sirene exudes 19th-century elegance.H century, has hardly been mitigated by recent renovations – while some of the furnishings and decor have been updated, the overall vibe is still as regal as ever. »

Hotel Art Villa Fiorella

Score: 19.3/20 | 23 rooms

Art Hotel Villa Fiorella is a quiet boutique hotel set in an olive grove over the water. The villa is actually a relatively new building and, after extensive restorations in 2016, looks quite modern. The whole interior is light wood and clean white with large windows surrounding the sea and sky. The view is everything here, whether you’re enjoying the scenery from your bed, the infinity-edge pool, or one of the hotel’s sun terraces. »

Grand Excelsior Hotel Vittoria

Score: 19.0/20 | 84 rooms

“Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria has a wonderful location, right in the heart of Sorrento, on a cliff overlooking the port and separated from bustling Piazza Tasso by orange groves and acres of gardens. The hotel itself consists of three separate villas, all built between 1834 and 1880. This is a really grand old hotel that hosted Wagner and Goethe, the opera singer Enrico Caruso stayed here for a while in the 1920s, and his suite remains more or less as he left it. As if that were not enough, Emperor Augustus himself owns a villa there. »

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Jim Dobson

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