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Tempur awakens the customer experience in its Parisian boutiques

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You spend nearly a third of your life sleeping, so you might choose an exceptional bed. It’s a good thing, the TEMPUR® furnishings brand opened its second Parisian boutique at the end of 2022, and will open a third in August. With over thirty years of experience, TEMPUR® is today the global leader in the manufacture of premium mattresses, recognized thanks to the continuous development of its technologies.

in the nineties, TEMPUR® launched the first viscoelastic mattress and pillow. promise? Improving sleep for more people, every night, everywhere. navel? Using a unique material inspired by NASA scientists and engineers to incorporate into their mattresses to relieve pressure, provide perfect alignment, and reduce small wakes. a result ? Perfect balance of comfort and support Truly restorative sleep.

In Paris, it now owns TEMPUR® two stores offering a selection of range of mattresses, pillows, box springs and accessories. We’ll try to go there instead at nap time! The first falls Trunchit Street vs. Printemps Haussmann. The 120-square-meter store sits behind its stark gray facade in an alliance of wood and plants. After introducing the different mattresses and pillows, it is time for the immersive TEMPUR® experience where the consumer will be invited to test the TEMPUR material through a real experience. A sensory trip. Some will say that they feel weightless, others sleep like they are on a cloud, and it remains only for you to make up your mind.

Sleep experts are at your service

The second is located at 19 rue Victor Hugo in the very elegant 16th arrondissement. Opening at the end of 2022, the 160 sqm space features dark hues for an intimate, relaxing aspect. Like Tronchit Street, the shop pays special attention to tips. TEMPUR experts will guide you to the best mattress and pillow according to your sleeping position, posture and sleep habits.

Boulevard Raspail: Brand Elegance

For this third store, TEMPUR® is investing in Boulevard Raspail from august. With an area of ​​235 square meters, it will be the largest department store in Paris, the brand’s cathedral. TEMPUR® Ambassadors will accompany you step by step in choosing your bedding, with an approach based on ” Sleep ergonomics»Already widely used in Denmark, the birthplace of the brand. More than just a bedding store, TEMPUR® intends to create a truly premium environment where you will feel as comfortable as in your own bedroom.

Pleasure, commitment and expertise are the keywords that distinguish this brand with unparalleled characteristics.

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