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Four simultaneous hot domes break world records

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Another heat dome over North Africa set several records in Europe. The most affected countries are Spain, Italy, Morocco and Algeria. On Tuesday, Rome recorded a temperature of 42.9 degrees Celsius, which is the highest temperature the city has ever recorded.

A sweltering heat wave swept across southern Europe at the height of the summer tourism season, breaking records including in Rome and prompting government warnings of an increased risk of death.

Forest fires broke out a few days ago, west of the Greek capital, Athens. Intermittent winds helped spread the fires, damaging or destroying dozens of homes and forcing hundreds to flee in thick smoke.

The fourth heat dome over Asia helped China reach its record high temperature of 52.2°C. On Sunday, July 16, Sanbao Township in Turpan Depression, Xinjiang. However, the station is still new, so the data doesn’t go back very far.

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This is just one of two records set in China this year. On January 22, Mohe’s temperature dropped to -53 °C, making it the coldest temperature ever recorded in China.

The sweltering heat came at a critical time when US envoy John Kerry arrived in China for climate talks between the two countries.

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