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Danny Elfman settles sexual harassment lawsuit for $830,000: report

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In 2018, Danny Elfman agreed to pay an $830,000 settlement to a woman who accused him of sexual harassment, according to a new report. Rolling Stone a report. The news broke because the woman is suing Elfman for allegedly failing to make payments in the agreement.

According to the court documents he obtained rolling Stone, Elfman and Nomi Abadi, a 35-year-old musician and composer, have agreed to resolve a basic dispute that included terms [Elfman] It will make payments in four different categories in different installments over 5 years totaling $830,000.” Elfman allegedly failed to make two payments of $42,500 in 2019 and 2021. In documents filed in Los Angeles this week, Abadi sued for breach of contract.

In a November 2017 police report, Al-Abbadi accused Elfman — a childhood singer of the musician, with whom she had a professional relationship after meeting her in 2015 — of indecent exposure and masturbation in front of her without her consent. Citing friends of al-Abadi familiar with the situation, the report describes a relationship between a mentor and a trainee that quickly degenerated into sexual harassment. Elfman allegedly answered the door in his recording studio wearing a robe and nothing else, took nude photos of Abadi, sent her inappropriate photos as well as masturbated in front of her on several occasions; He explained all of these experiences at the time as part of his creative process, not sexual in nature. Al-Abadi allegedly discussed the composer’s behavior with one of his assistants, who said he had a “lapido [sic] interests…which I keep out. “


Ebadi, who is a member of the Recording Academy, founded the nonprofit Women’s Music Composers Safety League in 2020, which aims to “break down stigmas in the industry surrounding trauma and shame.” Earlier this year, she said at a Grammys press conference that she couldn’t bring herself to vote in the awards after seeing the nominees, which she said included abusers. Although she didn’t specifically mention anyone, Elfman was nominated for a Grammy Award this year.

Elfman denied al-Abadi’s allegations in statements to rolling Stone, Alleging that Al-Abadi was retaliating after he rejected her romantic advances and settled to avoid hurting his career. How do I respond to accusations so serious that innocence is not a valid defence? “It is painful to consider that a 50-year career could be destroyed in one news cycle as a result of vicious and completely false allegations of sexual misconduct,” Elfman said. “Miss. Al-Abadi’s claims are simply untrue. I allowed someone to approach me without knowing that I was her ‘baby’ and that her intention was to dissolve my marriage and replace my wife. When that person realized I wanted to stay away from her, I made it clear that I would pay for my refusal of her. I allowed an unwise friendship to have far-reaching consequences, and this error of judgment is entirely my fault. saying on this subject.

A representative for Elfman agreed to the settlement over concerns that the allegations could tarnish his career. When faced with threats from the other side to announce lies at the height of the #MeToo movement, [Elfman] He was faced with the impossible choice between settling down and continuing with his career and making a living for his family or deciding to fight an unwinnable battle at the time to tell the truth – Danny chose his family.” Accusations alone should not and do not equal guilt, and Danny will defend himself and clear his name with the amount of evidence and the words of the other party – her words speak for themselves.”


is reading Rolling StoneThe full report is here.

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