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Who Announces 155 Who’s Next / Life House Box Set

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The Who announced a new 155-track compilation box set titled Who’s Next / Life Housecomplete with a full graphic novel based on the band’s long-shelved sci-fi concept album, life house. The mega show is scheduled for September 15th.

Among the various packages offered, Who’s Next / Life House Arrives as a 3xLP, 4xLP, or 2xCD set including a newly remastered version of the band’s 1971 fifth album and remixed acetates from Pete Townshend’s life house offers. The 10xCD Super Deluxe Edition contains 89 unreleased tracks, studio session demos, singles taken from 1970 to 1972, two 1971 concert recordings from London’s Young Vic Theater and San Francisco’s Civic Auditorium, plus several touring instruments, and band T-shirts, and posters from shows that took place in Sunderland, England on May 7th, 1970 and the Denver Coliseum in Denver on December 10th, 1971.

The collection also provides ample reading material with a hardbound 100-page book featuring an introduction by Pete Townshend along with archival photos and memorabilia. Plus, The Who will finally be revealed The House of Life – The Graphic Novelthe 172-page visual epic originally set for release in 2020. The comic was personally supervised by Townsend and written by James Harvey and David Hine, with art by Harvey by Max Prentice, letters by Mischa Myers, and inks by Mick Gray.


Pre-orders are ongoing via the band’s website. A separate and exclusive release from Tower Records is offering 1,000 autographed boxset copies, available for pre-order here.

The Who still had a few UK shows left on “The Who Hits Back!” circular. Tickets are available here.


Disc 4: The Record Factory, The New York Sessions, March 1971
01. Don’t Do It (aka Baby Don’t You Do It) [Take 2, Unedited, March 16, 1971]
02. Never get fooled again [Take 13, March 16, 1971]
03. Behind Blue Eyes (Version 1) [Take 15, March 16, 1971]
04. Love is not for keeping [Take 14, March 17, 1971]
05. The Note (aka Pure and Easy) [Take 21, March 17, 1971]
06. I’m in Tune (aka Getting in Tune) [Take 6, March 18, 1971
07. Behind Blue Eyes (Version 2) [Take 10, March 18, 1971]

Disc 5: Olympic Sound Studios, London Sessions 1970-72
01. Pure and easy
02. I don’t know myself [B-Side with Unreleased Count-In]
03. Time is running out [Stereo Mix]
04. Too much of anything [Original 1971 Vocal]
05. The naked eye [1971 Remake]
06. Deal (early mix)
07. Love Ain’t for Keeping (Unedited Mix)
08. My Wife (Unedited Mix)
09. Matchmaking (Take 1 with Jam)
10. Going Mobile (Alternate Mix)
11. The Song’s Over (Backing Track) [w/ Nicky Hopkins]
12. When I was a boy
13. Let’s See Action (Unedited Mix)
14. Relay (unedited mix) [Alternate Vocal]
15. Put The Money Aside (Remix With Original Audio)
16. Joining Together (Unremixed Remix)

Disc 6: Solo and Sessions 1970-72
01. The Seeker (Original Single Mix).
02. Here for More (Original Singles Collection)
03. Heaven and Hell (New Stereo Mix).
04. Water (Eel Pie Sound Studio – New Unedited Mix).
05. I Don’t Know Myself (Eel Pie Sound Studio – New Unedited Mix)
06. Naked Eye (Eel Pie Sound Studio – New Unedited Mix)
07. Postcard (Eel Pie Sound Studio – Original 1970 Mix)
08. Now I’m a Farmer (Eel Pie Sound Studio – New Remix)
09. The Finder (unedited version)
10- Water (IBC version)
11. I Don’t Know Myself (IBC Version)
12. Let’s See the Action (original single mix)
13. When I Was a Boy (One Original Mix)
14. Join Together (Original Single Mix)
15. Relay (original single mix)
16. Spearman (Original Mix)
17. Long Live Rock (Original Olympic Mix)


Disk 7: Live at the Young Vic, London – April 26, 1971
01. Love is not for keeping
02. Pure and easy
03. The Young Man’s Blues
04. Time is running out
05. Behind Blue Eyes
06. I don’t even know myself
07. Too much of anything
08. Get in tune
09. Deal

Disc 8: Live at the Young Vic, London – April 26, 1971
01. Pinball Wizard
02. See me, feel me
03. Baby don’t do it
04. Water
05. Jelly
06. (I’m a) road runner
07. The naked eye
08. Bonnie Moroney
09. Never get fooled again

Disc 9: Live at Civic Auditorium, San Francisco – December 12, 1971
01. Introduction
02. I can’t explain
03. Alternative
04. Summer Sweatshirt
05. My wife
06. Papa O’Reilly
07. Behind Blue Eyes
08. Deal
09. Never get fooled again
10. Baby don’t do that
11- Magic Bus


Disc 10: Live at Civic Auditorium, San Francisco – December 12, 1971
01. Introduction to Tommy
02. Introduction
03. An amazing trip
04. Sparks
05. Pinball Wizard
06. See me feel me
07. Jelly
08. The naked eye
09. Get off

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