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real estate | Pierres-Blanches Immobilier: an original and contemporary vision of luxury real estate

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CABINET PIERRE-BLANCHES presents a quality real estate project designed for an exceptional client by surrounding itself with distinguished partners. This year again, the treasury continued its evolution in France and abroad. Meet the founding directors, Isabel and Frank Pallister.

PIERRES-BLANCHES is a luxury real estate brand. Organized in France in Montpellier, Lille-sur-la-Sorge, as well as on the Costa Blanca in Jávea, our network extends along the Mediterranean coast and beyond, in Alicante, Marbella and Ibiza. This broad presence gives us an in-depth knowledge of the real estate and micromarkets. In addition, our team of dedicated consultants is committed to providing a unique customer experience, based on our three core principles: excellent serviceAnd personal approachAnd custom solution.

PIERRES-BLANCHES IMMOBILIER, exceptional knowledge, built around luxury and the art of living.

One of our strengths lies in our ability to combine modernity with the preservation of the unique and rare heritage of luxury. We have a deep understanding of the core values ​​of luxury, as well as a keen interest in emerging trends. This allows us to cultivate exclusive relationships and deliver a customized customer experience. Moreover, we operate in the horizon where life projects and real estate investments meet. Our offer is a true aesthetic spectacle, imbued with audacity, allowing our clients to realize their aspirations.

This is the reason for our naming PBI Group It brings together rigorous standards of excellence related to the core core of our brand. Whether through the quality of our photo and video reports, or the editorial accuracy of our advertising texts, our communication is fully aligned with our company’s core values, both nationally and internationally.

Isabelle and Frank Pallister

Our Journey: Creativity – Image – Experience

Would like to maintain and strengthen the position leader Essential in the local real estate market, we continue our growth in France and internationally. Thus, in order to satisfy our customers, we are constantly looking for new talents. Beyond the hybrid worlds we create, and the devices we build, our inspiration lies in the elegance and richness of energy of the gesture open to our times. We offer an exceptional and unique heritage, and we will never stop reinventing ourselves by recharging the current concept of luxury with creative energy. It is clear that our brand tone allows us to define the dimensions of timeless luxury to enduring lifestyle and to connect aspects of the world around us.

Gardens legendary at most trustedOur company tends to expand towards an impressive selection of rare and unusual commodities. An unprecedented existential experience tailored to our clients that allows them to benefit from the most elusive luxury.

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