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Parma Lawyers, a project firm in a changing world

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Consultant, what is the DNA of Parma Avocats, in terms of experience and values?

Our firm has recognized experience in public business law for 25 years. From a global point of view, first of all, with the notorious distinction, in public procurement law, public economic law, town planning law, environmental law and building law. But we also show cutting-edge sectoral expertise that is moving in the direction of major transformations in our society… Let’s quote for example: – Mobility and transportation (rails, ports, airports, roads), – waste management, energy recovery (heat, electricity, biogas), – Major Public and Private Business – Digital Technology and Smart Territories Our clients (public entities and private operators) appreciate our ability to support structuring projects for the Territories, in the long term … We have been involved since Feasibility study up to Project execution. Our field of work includes many complex issues such as control of land, administrative mandates, contractual and / or institutional arrangements, definition and implementation of procedures for awarding public contracts, negotiations, monitoring of implementation and, if necessary, management of pre-litigation and litigation … and all this, of course, with the logic of the approach Risks, in full adequacy of the economy of the sector.

Our results reflect this experience and our desire to stand out: our company now has more than 3000 reference files, and implements Sales volume of 8 million euros. As for our values, we stand for them loud and clear: ethics first and foremost, but also strong creativity. It translates into an innovative vision for our business that enables customized support for our clients and leads to the success of their projects.

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