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France’s initiative awakens the entrepreneurial potential of people under the age of 30 through its In’cube programme

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France’s initiative, the leading union network for financing and supporting entrepreneurs, renews its program to promote support and financing In’cube, To support entrepreneurship by people far from employment, especially young people under the age of 30. The program was launched two years ago. In response to the call for projects Inclusion through self-employment », At the initiative of the Ministry of Labour, Inclusion and Full Employment, as part of the France Relance plan.

French initiative It is the premier syndicate network for financing and support for creators, buyers and business developers. In 2022, the network supported and financed the creation or acquisition of 20,265 companies, which in turn created or protected more than 56,000 jobs. Through In’cube, a complete and free program of enhanced support, consisting of group workshops and one-on-one meetings, France initiative formalizes business projects until their development, including loan financing, network financial solution. It targets people who are permanently unemployed, especially young people under the age of 30 who live in a priority neighborhood or rural recovery area. “The 206 local associations of the France Initiative network have faced the challenge of doubling the number of unemployed young people who are funded and supported,” explains Guillaume Pepe, President of the France Initiative Network. “They were able to count on In’cube, a support program designed specifically to develop the entrepreneurial potential of people far from employment. Fired 40% of them in priority neighborhoods of city policy or rural revitalization areas, thus reconciling their individual success with a positive impact on their territory. The reseau initiative France is fier de contribuer ainsi à la réussite du plan France Relance et se tient prêt for se mobiliser pleinement dans la mise en œuvre du plan Quartier 2030, dont les ambitions ont été ébauchées par le president of the Republique in Marseille of 28 June “.

3910 young people under the age of 30 supported under the In’cube program since 2021

Since the program was launched, 4,840 people have benefited from this support. 2,842 led to the creation or acquisition of a company, a positive exit rate of 58% (the ministry’s target of 35%). These new firms, in turn, have a positive local economic impact: on average, they have created or maintained 2.8 jobs in their territory.

Among the beneficiaries of the In’cube support, 3910 are under 30 years of age and 2404 have received an honor loan from a local association of the France Initiative network and a bonus of 3000 euros. This new approach, adapted to the needs of the public having difficulty finding a job, has enabled the France Initiative network to double the number of support and funding for young people who are unemployed or living in a vulnerable area (QPV and ZRR) by just two years. A development that is part of the good dynamics of the network in the priority areas, where it supported the associations 1149 projects in 2022That is, an increase of 21% over 2021. The Ministry of Labor announced the renewal of the program for the period 2023/2034. By the end of 2024, the France Initiative network will run 2,500 support sessions and will be able to award 590 rewards of €1,000.

Sharing the keys to creating and running a business with those far away

The In’cube program targets young people in precarious labor market situations, to lead them towards another career path: that of starting or taking over a business. With a welcoming start, right from the business idea stage, over 2,000 structured group workshops and individual follow-up, the In’cube program adapts to the needs of every project leader, whatever their stage of progress and skill level. Group workshops cover the essential knowledge for building your business plan, from market research to sales strategy, including customer targeting and communication; But also soft skills – entrepreneurial attitude, stress management or even the art of promoting your project. Thus, young people acquire a solid base of skills that give them self-confidence and credibility. The reward is 3,000 eurospaid when the business is set up, provide or supplement the entrepreneur’s own funds and lay the foundation for financing.

In addition to the support from local associations, the France Initiative Network has launched a mobile application called “My Entrepreneur Group” to make as many people as possible aware of the opportunities to start / take over a company. The app offers free educational content to take the first steps in your entrepreneurial journey and directs you to entrepreneurial associations close to home.

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