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Quentin Tarantino helped revive the Spinoff series, according to Showrunner

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It’s been over eight years since FX justification wrapped, and she’s about to return with a new spinoff series, Justification: Primal City. According to co-showrunner Michael Dinner, one surprising character is partially responsible for the revival: Quentin Tarantino.

In an interview with IndieWire, Diner explained that the original idea for justification: Primitive city is the production of a brand new series based on the book of the same name by Elmore Leonard. Previously, Tarantino had toyed with his own adaptation of the story, but he chose to take on Leonard rum punch Instead (which became 1997 Jackie Brown). When the manager was working with justification Star Timothy Olyphant Once upon a time… in Hollywood And hearing about the potential series, though, the two started talking and the idea of ​​being a part of it came up justification.

Dinner liked Tarantino and Olyphant’s idea, but wasn’t sure it would be possible logistically. So, when he talked to the FX around the court, he put the ball into the court of the net. They said, “What are you thinking of doing?” Diner told IndieWire. “I said, are you familiar Primitive city? ’ They said, “Yeah, Tim advised us that a year ago.” I said, “Well, let me pitch it to you as her thing, and tell me if you want to do it as his thing or as a season.” justification“.” Of course, FX “loved” the pitch, and the show was cemented as a justification alive.


That marked the end of Tarantino’s contributions to Justification: Primal City (It was confirmed that he didn’t direct any episodes, despite the humming he would.) But it also marks the beginning of a big mission for the show’s cast and crew: bringing the worlds of the world together Primitive city And justificationUS Vice President Marshall Rylan Givens, who does not appear in the book. “We were a little apprehensive about it, to tell you the truth,” said Diner. “[The book] It was kind of the crown jewel, and we didn’t want to damage it… We pushed Raylan into this story and let it evolve.”

Justification: Primal City Episodes will begin airing July 18, 2023 at 10:00 PM EST/PT on FX, and episodes will be available the following day on Hulu. in our review, a result Contributor Marcus Shorter described the series as satisfying, writing: “Showrunners David Andron, Michael Dinner, and many others from the original film… justification The team did the impossible – they continued their hit show without betraying its legacy and, more importantly, told a compelling story that felt essential to the characters and the audience.”

As for Tarantino, he is busy working on his latest movie, Film critic, which he explained was based on “a guy who really lived, but wasn’t really famous, and was writing movie reviews about a pornographic rag.” Check out our definitive ranking of Tarantino’s films here.


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