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What we do in the shadows can live as long as its immortal characters

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What do we do in the shadows? Its fifth season is off to a unique position, as FX has renewed the series for a fifth and sixth season in 2022, ensuring that we’ll get at least another season of bizarre games from the lovable vampires of Staten Island. The potential for the series to extend further is enormous. As superstar Kristen Schaal explains a result“I think this is one of the most unique performances an actor has ever done. The writers, the producers, the directors—everyone I’ve talked to on the show doesn’t want to leave it. Because it has the potential to kind of be what it wants to be.”

For actors, there is a relief that comes with their relative job security. “It’s good to know what would happen in your life if you could, as much as possible,” notes Natasia Demetriou, who plays long-lived Nadia. Because if you don’t know [if the show’s been renewed]There’s always a chance you’re like, “Bye then, that’s it.” It’s so comforting to say, “Oh, you did a really bad job in that episode. Well, I have 10 more coming.”

“It helps you relax and have fun, rather than overthink every moment you’re acting,” says Mark Brooks, who plays energy vampire Colin Robinson.

However, while the security of knowing that at least one more season has been confirmed is an advantage, what clearly excites the cast about the prospect of additional seasons is the show’s ability to change. “We live in this tandem reality of ‘vampires can exist’ and anything and everything can kind of happen on the table,” Schall says. “Comedies can be completely irreverent, which is so refreshing, and our characters can go up in smoke. Our characters have lived forever. Our characters can transform. You know, you can cut [to] hundred years [later] And we will survive. You could do a flashback episode from 2,000 years ago, we might still be alive. It is a playground for the most creative ideas imaginable.”


Demetriou notes that the writers’ dedication to creating new scenarios for these characters “is probably one simple reason the show has stayed on, because they’ve reinvented everything so much. I think it’s very helpful for the writers to say, ‘Okay, let’s totally change it up.'” Let’s emphasize this element of personality. Let’s shed light on this relationship.

Schall recently became a series regular, after recurring on the show for several seasons, but he said that even when I’m only part-time, “I know when I go to work or get called to come in and play with everyone, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. I’m not going to be like Oh, this scene once again. How do I make this different from the last time I ordered coffee and something? No, it’s like, “You’re going to talk to a demon.” You will fly here. You will make a new spirit come to life. It’s very interesting. “

After Schall said this, she asked her co-star Harvey Guillen how he felt about the experience. “It’s all right,” he replied with a full stop.

What We Do in the Shadows (FX)

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