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lifestyle | In Mexico, the maroma has been revived

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there Riviera Maya It is indeed an ideal destination in itself. From Puerto Morelos in the north to Puerto Allen in the south, this iconic strip of coast is only for so long 36 kilometers in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo Earned a good reputation. Everything contributes to its tourist richness, in addition to the wonderful beaches, when, in addition to the wonderful beaches, one discovers wonderful archaeological sites of the Mayan culture, ecological parks, biosphere reserves, coral reefs, and cenotes (cavities filled with fresh water) to satisfy the most demanding divers.. .

It is in this spirit of respect, and even more so, the preservation of nature, that the renovation and embellishment of this facility 5 stars which opens its doors this summer is led by the designer Tara Bernard In collaboration with Mexican artisans. Together, they developed furniture and objects while materials were sourced locally in order to create original, timeless spaces and channel the beneficial energy of the place.

This exceptional seaside resort now offers 72 accommodations (rooms, suites, villas), including 10 new suites, the majority of which overlook the ocean, including a spacious new suite by the sea with a private pool and garden. The property’s original layout and architecture, including white stucco buildings, have been preserved in keeping with the sacred geometry of Mayan stone; Curved lines and organic shapes inspired by the wild environment create a harmonious alternation between the indoors and outdoors of the rooms. The three swimming pools have been completely redesigned and decorated with tiles Sukabumi (sandstone and ceramic tiles that imitate the natural stone of the same name from Bali) are handcrafted from volcanic stone, in the same shades of turquoise as the natural silos in the area.

Balance and harmony

Such respect for the past, such a desire to be part of the future, explains this special approach to the resort, starting with luxury based on the principles of nature and vitality, which takes on a new dimension with the launch of Firstly Guerlain Resort in Latin America. In this deeply spiritual temple, treatment rooms overlook the jungle, while local design elements are incorporated into geometric shapes and handcrafted objects. Healing rituals are born from the power of nature, ancient practices and strengthHoly bee Meliponawhich the Maya respected for more than 3000 years As a symbol of spiritual resonance. In this regard, Maroma has worked for a long time with local organizations and continues its cooperation with Silva Maya and Mayahome Foundation. Inspired by the theme of balance and harmony, Guerlain unveils a unique program, integrating iconic face and body treatments, exclusive experiences around well-being philosophy, sounds and Mayan healing rituals.

A true holistic wellness retreat, including a selection of daily meditation, movement and yoga workshops to re-synchronize body, mind and spirit.

In terms of sustainability, a new gastronomic era is also opening under the double signature of the Executive Chef of Mexican descent Daniel Camacho and celebrity chef Curtis Stone. At Casa Mayor Restaurant, Daniel Camacho perpetuates his legacy, celebrating his country’s culinary diversity. in a sustainable selection process, 90% ingredients come from Mexico And almost half of the peninsula Yucatan. Reinventing traditional Mexican cuisine, the colorful menu includes rounds of seafood and corondas (a type of small tamales) from Michoacan, biría (a spicy Mexican stew), Jalisco-style, and chocolate cake accompanied by an Oaxaca black sour (a very dark paste made from dried, roasted peppers, roasted seeds ground together), all washed down with homemade mezcal. from its new side Woodend by Curtis StoneLed by an acclaimed Australian chef, it offers an exceptional menu cooked over a wood fire.

range of experiences

The evening begins with a perfect aperitif of bambooco, in a relaxed atmosphere, where seasonal herbal drinks freshly picked from the garden pair with Mexican wines, tequila-based cocktails and a wide selection of mezcal; or even in the mythical Freddy’s BarA beach meeting place, true to the bubbling spirit of the Riviera Maya, With live music, DJ, fresh seafood and cocktails.

To get the most out of your stay MaromaA collection of experiences brings the destination to life. Discover the mystical magic of the jungle on a bike tour…or aspects of Mayan culture, including stories of the gods. Immerse yourself in the underwater world in rainbow colors on the second largest coral reef in the world, right in front of the hotel, and practice water sports: Sailing, kayaking, windsurfing… Play golf with balls made of biodegradable material, which, when they land in the ocean, becomes food for fish … and above all, every evening, at dusk, 1,000 candles are lit throughout the hotelwith the aim of reducing regular energy consumption, caring for the species that live on the site, and creating a more romantic atmosphere. You will have an eternal memory.

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