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Joe Walsh dismisses AI threat: ‘You can’t destroy a hotel room’

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Eagles frontman Joe Walsh expressed his indifference to AI in a recent interview with the Associated Press, stating that he wouldn’t feel threatened by technology encroaching on the music industry so it could “blow up a hotel room.”

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, who once caused $28,000 in hotel property damage and proudly sang “I live in hotels / destroy the walls” in 1978’s “Life’s Been Good,” has set an unexpected new standard for innovative technology transcendence, claiming , “It’s computers, it has nothing to do with music.”

“She can’t destroy a hotel room, she can’t throw a fifth-floor TV into the pool and put it right in the middle,” said the guitarist. “When an AI knows how to destroy a hotel room, I will pay attention to it.”


Whether the average Joe continues to live inside “A Life of Illusion” or misses out on some recent demos from Boston Dynamics, the debate surrounding AI’s place in music has been a prominent topic in 2023 with artists like Nick Cave, Dolly Parton, and Corey Slipknot’s Taylor expresses varying levels of skepticism. Meanwhile, the cutting-edge technology has already been embraced in some form by the likes of Grimes, Paul McCartney, William Gallagher, and David Guetta.

In the meantime, Walsh may just have to prove his humanity once more and ditch a room or two at another hotel during The Eagles’ ongoing “The Long Goodbye” farewell tour. Get tickets to any of the band’s remaining dates here.

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