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The Oppenheimer crew gathered to preview the film at Grand Rex

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red carpet | On Tuesday, July 11, Grand Rex hosted the first public showing of theOppenheimerwhich is Christopher Nolan’s latest film, starring Cillian Murphy as the famous Professor J. Robert Oppenheimer.

For the first public showing of his latest film, Christopher Nolan She chose Paris and its legendary cinema, the Grand Rex. The director did not hesitate to pay tribute to this symbolic place, which in 2000 agreed to screen his film souvenirshunned by other cinemas.

Adapted from the novel American Prometheus: Triumph and Tragedy J. Robert Oppenheimerl Kay Bird And Martin J SherwinAnd Oppenheimer Traces the life of the father of the atomic bomb with Cillian Murphy in the leading role. at his side, Emily Blunt Personification of Katherine Oppenheimer, nicknamed “Kitty”, the wife of the famous physicist. Casting the movie doesn’t stop there Matt DamonAnd Robert Downey Jr.And Florence PughAnd Jason Clark or Rami Malek, each of which embodies a major figure in the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer. “It’s been a pleasure working with such amazing actors,” Christopher Nolan said on the red carpet.

After three hours of examination, the first revisions subsided and became dithyrambic:

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The theatrical release date is set for July 19. So you’ll need to arm yourself with a little more patience!

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