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Investment strategies to be adopted in the face of international crises

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A strategy adapted to the risk profile

“When it comes to investing, you always have to ask yourself the question of what investment horizon is at stake,” Joël-Alexis Bialkiewicz recalls. An entrepreneur who wants to start up his business or a company aiming for a new acquisition, for example, will need money quickly. “L Isabelle EnosThese are the stocks with the greatest potential for gains, but as with any investment, it is impossible to predict exact timing, let alone short-term expectations.

So, the first thing to do according to Joel Alexis Bialkevich It is the formulation of the first intention and consideration of scenarios if the client changes his mind along the way. “There are many possible paths and the banker’s role is to analyze the risk profile of his client to guide him and above all, to assess the cost of exiting the strategy if it proves necessary,” he affirms-.

It is therefore necessary at all costs “not to underestimate risks, even the weakest ones” and above all, to know how to abandon investments if their conditions deteriorate. He sums up “any strategy must take into account the context and possible degrees of risk”. The priority remains to preserve the value of heritage by anticipating changes in circumstances. »

With the continued volatility in the financial markets, all analysts and investment experts stress the importance of asset diversification. He notes that this strategy was a guarantee of resilience in 2022 and will remain necessary in 2023. Isabelle Enos. We also recommend building a financial allocation gradually and continuing to invest over time. In fact, adapting one’s investments to changes in the financial context while continuing to invest is the best guarantee for both risk management and capital appreciation over the long term. »

You should only buy what you understand and not invest more than 5% Eric-Olivier Lewin says while introducing the stock market as a “school of patience” where the investor is able to assume a short-term depreciation in the hope of a solid return in several years. According to him, it is necessary to put an end to the misconception among individuals that investing in the stock exchange makes it possible to make money quickly.

What about cryptocurrencies? Bankan gives us their impressions

Estimated approx 8% The French who have already acquired cryptocurrency and the 30% who might consider investing. However, according to a recent study by JPMorgan, 72% of traders remain skeptical, like the vast majority of traditional banks. on this point, The National Bank of Paris Paribas A fairly clear situation: “Cryptoassets cannot be considered a ‘currency’ because it requires a regulatory framework and careful management of data protection and the risk of money laundering. But the latter does not remain closed to this ecosystem and leads several projects in the field of regulated digital assets. His work, his profession ” Securities services For example, it is working with fintechs Fireblocks and Metaco on a digital offering that will allow its institutional clients to issue, transfer and hold regulated digital assets.

For its part, the bank Delubac and Co. He chose a custom display sizing and it’s precisely Joël-Alexis Bialkiewicz (trained engineer) who takes care of it. “We are the first bank to provide services in digital assets,” he says. But it is not for everyone because crypto assets are the opposite of safe havens. To get started, he says, you need to be able to tolerate high volatility and not spend more time on it. 1% of her legacy. However, in his view, it remains a very good way to diversify his savings. The stakes are never where you would expect, and Joël-Alexis Bialkiewicz does not foresee a scenario where serious cryptocurrencies continue to lose value for a long time given the stage of maturity they have managed to reach.

This article was written by: Pierre Berthaux

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