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Greening with Web3 – Meet My Lovely Planet

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The dynamic world of Web3 and blockchain technology is constantly marked by the emergence of innovative projects focused on preserving the environment. We have the privilege of speaking today with Clément, creator of My Lovely Planet.

It is a fun mobile app that takes advantage of the blockchain to promote the preservation of our planet. Together, we’ll explore the genesis of this bold company, what sets it apart from other mobile apps in its category and its aspirations for the future.

Can you explain to us what the beautiful planet May is? What is the story behind this project and how did it come to fruition?

Hello everyone, and thank you for this interview. I’m Clement, creator of My Lovely Planet. After my preparatory class, I chose the energy sector at the Ecole des Mines de Paris. This course allowed me to receive training in environmental challenges under the supervision of Jean-Marc Jankovici.

After I got my degree, I was recruited by an NGO in Madagascar. My first professional steps, at the age of 22, in one of the poorest countries in the world allowed me to live a unique experience and change the way I see the world.

During my stay at this NGO, I was able to discover stunning landscapes, which unfortunately have been marked negatively by human actions and climate change. It was a real revelation. I had to find creative solutions to save the environment. That’s why I have a motto, Putting technology at the service of the planet.

My first initiative was Lilo. This is a search engine that helps fund environmental and social projects. With this solution, my team and I have been able to collect more than 4 million euros, donate it to NGOs and unite a real community that has more than 6 million monthly uses.

This is the first project that originated on My Lovely Planet. I turned to the mobile gaming market because it has more than 2.5 billion people worldwide and is worth more than $100 billion annually. So creating an environmental protection mobile game was the perfect solution to allow everyone to bring their stones into the building.

What makes My Lovely Planet a game different from the versions already on the market, especially those that also use blockchain technology?

The innovative personality of My Lovely Planet is one of the main reasons why it is so unenviable in other mobile games out there. In fact, every action performed in the game triggers an action in real life, which is quite new in the mobile gaming sector.

For blockchain technology, My Lovely Planet has adopted completely different guidelines than those of existing game projects in the Web 3.0 field. First of all, our game is completely free. So players do not need to hold NFTs or log into Metamask to access the game.

My Lovely Planet integrates blockchain as a technology that can improve the gaming experience and improve its positive impact on nature. This technology will remain invisible to the participants. The latter will have an integrated digital wallet that will be created during their first contact. They will be able to buy and spend My Lovely Coins, the in-game cryptocurrency, right in the app.

My Lovely Planet targets a wide audience and uses Web3 tools to enrich its products and message without being an obstacle to those unfamiliar with Web3.

Source: My Lovely Planet

You maintain that environmental conservation is the main reason for My Lovely Planet’s existence, however, you operate in a sector where greenwashing is regularly used to attract investors. Concretely, what actions does your company take? What criteria do you use to choose the actors you work with? Can you explain how the “Play-to-Save” concept applies when players log into My Lovely Planet?

Indeed, My Lovely Planet defines itself above all as a committed company. His dedication to the cause of the environment is engraved in his DNA. In addition, My Lovely Planet dedicates 15% of its sales to partner NGOs. That ratio should be compared to segment margins, which generally revolve around that number.

At My Lovely Planet, we don’t exercise. Green wash ’, which results in the fact that negative actions of nature are masked by communion. Our approach is completely different.

Our company’s work revolves around 3 axes:

  • Preserving biodiversity.
  • reforestation
  • Ocean pollution removal.

To achieve these goals, My Lovely Planet has entered into partnership agreements with organizations renowned for their professionalism and expertise. For example, we collaborate with Sea Shepherd, one of the most active NGOs in defense of the oceans, or SPA for the protection of animal welfare in France. This collaboration is the result of a multi-year trust partnership with my first company, Lilo.

You started your Dirty Public on May 22nd, what strategy was implemented to ensure it was a success? What are the benefits for investors? What’s the point of this public sale?

My Lovely Planet is radically different from most blockchain initiatives by incorporating environmental impact at the core of its vision. In fact, 40% of the total supply of tokens is allocated to a fund dedicated to the environment and 12% to private and public sale buyers.

Therefore, for every euro that value investors earn, the environment will benefit four times that amount.

Thus, My Lovely Planet guarantees compatibility between the interests of investors and the interests of the planet.

In addition, My Lovely Planet’s ambition is to push its token into the top 30 cryptocurrencies globally, thus crossing the 2.4 billion valuation mark. The goal is to create a billion dollar environment investment fund.

Through this innovative approach that aligns profitability with impact, My Lovely Planet intends to succeed in fundraising. And this strategy seems to be paying off, as it has already made it possible to collect more than 1 million euros so far.

Investors will have the opportunity to vote for projects funded by My Lovely Planet.

In the long term, My Lovely Planet plans to develop an ecosystem of Web2 products using Web3 technology, such as its mobile game (My Lovely Shop, an ethical alternative to Amazon, My Lovely Friends, a social network, etc.)

This ecosystem of Web2 products will be based on the My Lovely Coin token. Investors will be able to use all of these products to earn rewards, access exclusive products and also get a share of the value generated.

One of your goals is to bring together nearly 100 million days committed to preserving the planet by 2030. What action plan has been implemented to reach that number? What is the place of Web 3.0 in this plan?

Our approach is based on three main pillars:

  1. The first is our commitment to protecting the environment. This goal resonates strongly with younger generations, 45% of whom suffer from environmental anxiety (source: The Lancet). This is evidenced by the strong membership and viral spread of the game, especially on TikTok where just a year after promoting in France its beta version, My Lovely Planet already has more than 500,000 subscribers. This will allow us to rapidly expand our reach internationally through game launches and global influencer partnerships.
  2. The second pillar is about creating a gaming platform. In fact, when you start the game, you can access the game arena that offers several mini-games such as Tetris or Candy Crush. There are currently four games available, but our long-term goal is to provide a platform with thousands of games. Thus, each gamer will be able to find the game he likes.
  3. The third pillar is the seamless integration of Web3 into the game. This will enable a rich gaming experience with access to exclusive content, competitions and communities without the hurdles normally associated with Web3 entry. This will also allow the most engaged players to earn my beautiful coins.
Various mini games displayed in my beautiful planet
Source: My Lovely Planet

What are My Lovely Planet’s future plans and how do you envision integrating blockchain into your structure?

The blockchain holds a crucial position in our ecosystem. Our ambition is to build an ecosystem of Web2 products that use Web3 technology, like our mobile game. Among these products we find My Lovely Shop, an ethical alternative to Amazon, or My Lovely Friends, a social network. All of these are based on the My Lovely Coin Code.

My Lovely Planet’s main assets lie in the MLC code and its community. We aim to bring together the 100 million people who share our company’s values ​​and mission, and who will naturally become users of all of our products. This harmony and this solidarity creates an undeniable strength.

Therefore, our ultimate vision is to bring together the largest community dedicated to environmental protection that will democratically manage the most important environmental fund. This will be possible through an ecosystem of products based on the My Lovely Coin Token.


My Lovely Planet is an innovative initiative that uses blockchain technology to promote and highlight environmental advocacy. With this free mobile game, Clément and his team have developed an entertaining and interactive way to make environmental issues more accessible to the public. It is undeniable that Web3 technology still has many surprises in store, especially when used to support such noble and imperative causes.

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