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Portrait | Yael Brown-Bevet, First Lady of the Bourbon Palace

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Human management

This tall, elegant woman who reveled in her home in La Baule and where she moved about in her spare time didn’t always walk the corridors of the Republic. She was initially a corporate lawyerHerve Timim, a recently deceased union entitlement term. There she learned public expression, the art of persuading her audience and managing with a human face. “Do you realize that Hervé gave me a raise a month after I enlisted,” she recalled. It’s rare, isn’t it? You need to know how to reward deserving collaborators. “Between two pleadings and three thorny files, finding time to be active in Evelyn,” she “embarked” on the adventure En Marche with a letterEmmanuel Macron which transcends traditional divisions. She does not know the candidate personally but drinks his words during the meetings as she discovers the special atmosphere of the presidential campaign.

surprise elections

elected deputy in 2017 In her department, she ran for chair of the prestigious Law Commission. Then few believed in his victory. “Everyone kept telling me that for this position, you need someone with experience, not a junior vice president. But against all odds, she’s elected. After a rocky start, she finds her speed to sail, even starting to print.” Yael Touch “: Great respect for all components of the association and especially his colleagues from the opposition parties who commend his open spirit. “It is very natural for me because it is in the DNA of the great doctrine to overcome partisan divisions,” she insists.

In 2022, after Emmanuel Macron is re-elected head of state, she is called into the first Bourne government to take up the post of Ministeroverseas. But a month and a half after his candidacy, Richard Ferran was defeated in the legislative elections and was forced to leave the presidency of the National Assembly. On instinct and guts, she decides to take it a step further by running to succeed him. Never before has a woman held such a prestigious position. Her record on the legal committee appeals to her, and her political sense and oratorical art will do the rest. She is brilliantly elected, eliminating the candidate he supports Elysee ! National Assembly deputies choose not to vote in the second round.

Thus, here she is the President of the National Assembly in a very special period since the re-election of the Head of State benefits only from the relative majority. So it will be necessary to First Lady of the Bourbon Palace » Qualities of diplomacy and sacred balance that we must attract in this five-year period that promises to be eventful. And in fact, as in his previous assignments, Yael Braun-Biveh demonstrates a masterful macaronic art “at the same time,” staying true to his political convictions without clashing with opposition. The press also conveys the quality of his personal relationship with the President of the Senate, Gerard Lecher The main character of the moderate right. The secret to this unlikely pair’s agreement? “Gerard Larcher is a clever man, and, moreover, he is very chivalrous, slipping into a mischievous smile. Recently forgotten at a ceremony dedicated to the victims of slavery where he was present as well as the Prime Minister, Elizabeth Bourne. Send a quick note to the presenter so you can rectify the situation. estimated. »

Yael Brown Pivet seen by:

Margaret GriffithAnd 52 years old, best friend and translator from English to French:

“I met Yael in the middle section of kindergarten, when we were barely five years old. At the end of CE1, she left Nantes but we continued to see each other during the holidays at her home in La Baule. And we wrote lots of letters to each other, which I cherish even now Yael is a little sun. She attracts people with her zest for life and amazing listening skills. When she’s with you, it’s 200%. She’s smart, instinctive, and brave. We’ve seen that since she got into politics. We’ve never quarreled in nearly fifty years of friendship because she’s non-judgmental. Not at all. A shame? I really don’t see. She’s determined and ambitious, but is that a mistake? »

Xavier Chinaaud, Special Adviser to the Presidency of the National Assembly:

“It’s the first time I’ve worked with a woman in over thirty years of politics. The president doesn’t go down on testosterone and confrontation, which changes me a lot. The male system, in general, is about letting friction develop and keeping survivors. With Yael Brown Beef, It is benevolence: your team members should get along with each other, those who do not fit in with those who leave. When she is attacked, my natural reaction is to fight back, she asks me on the contrary to let … the caravan pass … Her kindness, her smile make some people say that she is too naive to go far. I, I find that a woman who takes over the Committee of Laws and then crouches six years later should pause for those who underestimate her. How far will you go? Some observers are beginning to lend him an ambition for the year 2027. This has only added to his notoriety but it does not reflect his feelings. She has to run a national council which we repeat every week that she will be dissolved, and I have the impression that this is more than enough for her happiness. »

Bringing the assembly closer to the French

In addition to leading the sometimes heated debates in the room and making certain decisions like the one she had to make recently to avoid the second season of the series Retirement, Yael Brown-Biveh devised a grand plan: to open the institution that she presides over as many people as possible in order to bring it closer to the French people. It launched highly successful Discoveries, invited artists to display their work “in connection with current parliamentary events” and staged the first reconstruction of a historic parliamentary debate within the Ark of Blood. We invited members French Comedy to play Jean Jaurès and Aristide Briand, she explained. It was awesome ! I personally played the president of the association, I had fun! We will make this meeting permanent. “It seems that deputies of the right and left enjoyed the spectacle…

To indicate this almost natural inclination of political ecumenism, one thinks that this fifty something vital might have the perfect profile for success, MatignonElizabeth Born who is struggling to expand the majority, a goal set for her by the head of state after the pension crisis. On the record, chiefNational Assembly You don’t want to hear about this promotion. “I’m so happy here,” she says, “it’s all about my job.” I refuse to think of anything else. However, she admits her concern about the progress of the National Rally, whose rise to power can only be prevented by the “success of the five-year term” that seems uncertain at the moment. Could it contribute more forcefully to reversing the situation? The future, perhaps not Far away, he will tell us …

Photographs: Stefan de Borges

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