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An enjoyable, well-crafted, and truly touching French novel

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The Good Doctor (Male, 90 min) Directed by Tristan Sieguilla.

It’s Christmas Eve in Paris. An energetic and forthright GP who makes his rounds.

Serge works with a kind of private agency that offers home visits – for a fee – to people in need.

During the night, Serge will visit a variety of patients, all of whom need help, companionship, or just a prescription. At the end of the night, we understand that Serge is in more financial trouble than he should be because his GP is supposed to retire soon, he has a small group and he gets through Christmas the other Christmas Eve without much time to think about the how and why he should. Be alone out there, every night.

Or at least that’s Serge’s plan. But as appointments pile up, roads freeze, and hours shrink, Serge makes the questionable decision to pay a young Uber Eats rider for his prescription. What could go wrong…

Before the night is over, Serge’s back will be far away, and with no other doctor available to work, he will depend entirely on young Malek to complete his rounds. The owner will conduct the tours – Serge will listen on the phone and do the diagnosis through Malik’s headset.

Hakim Al-Jumaili plays alongside Michel Blanc in A Good Doctor.


Hakim Al-Jumaili plays alongside Michel Blanc in A Good Doctor.

A Good Doctor is a 2019 movie that gets an unexpected release here in the weeks between the North American giant. I’m glad that happened.

Veteran Michel Blanc (Monsieur Hire) is terrific as the frail and emaciated Serge – and Hakim Jemaili (Les Méchants) has the timing and delivery to burn through Malick’s comedy. Solène Rigot (The Orphan) appears very early on as a young woman whose place in Serge’s life is not really understood. But when his story – and Serge’s – come into focus, it will add a lot of poignancy to everything that has come before.

A Good Doctor is a fun and well-crafted game. It looks great, the protagonists and supporting cast are all soldiers, and the real emotions that can creep into the script are nicely deployed.

If an influx of blockbusters this time of year isn’t your idea of ​​a fun trip to the movies, you might really enjoy this one.

In French with English subtitles, A Good Doctor is now playing in select theaters across the country.

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