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Is the “old” economy taking revenge on the “new”?

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technology | So it will be the end of an era! The list of layoffs from multinational technology companies has continued to grow. The most striking example is, of course, Twitter, which laid off 50% of its staff.

During the pandemic, nearly a million people have already been recruited to join teams JavamIncidentally, the vanguard in containment economics. Amazon has laid out all the options, Cloud for Remote Work, Ecommerce for Shopping, Prime Video Presentation for Entertainment! The results: $26.9 billion in profit between April 2020 and March 2021, or $2 billion more than the cumulative profit between 2017 and 2019. Silicon Valley She would overestimate her resource needs, overvaluing the stock market. The difficult years with the conflict in Ukraine, the inflation thereafter, and several strategic adjustments, are said to explain it all.

On the contrary, the old economy looks very resilient in the face of geopolitical uncertainties and inflation. It even seems that the old economy runs through history without ever disappearing. With the ever-increasing number of industrial jobs created, particularly in Aviationthe Welfarel Real estatel The Car And Banking services. These industries offer amazing fitness indicators with stock market valuations unlike those of technology. Should we conclude, by contrast, that this is the end of the new economy? We get to a certain point “in a billion” From captured users, trees do not rise to the sky. What can you sell to someone who already has a computer, smartphone, or TV? Watches and other related things? It is because they do not deal with such a global market. A slight slowdown in their activity or a refocus?

However, the sales figures are not that bad for the vast majority of players in this segment. It is, in fact, a transformation. It was necessary to stop projects that were too avant-garde (metaverse for Meta) to focus on more profitable activities (refocus on the cloud in particular). Today, in the global chip war, the United States is on the offensive. The Chinese see their hope of catching up fading. chat Hit and in France Tech PascalThis hero was born into the group Saclay i just woke up 100 million euros To develop quantum computing technology based on neutral atoms. As for the labor market outlook, it is in a very good trend: unemployment 2% in technology United State Talents often find a job almost instantly. Finally, it is definitely about refocusing on success stories and challenges The new economy of the futuretomorrow’s professions, Amnesty International environment, Corporate Social Responsibility Transformation must happen.

This article was written by: Pascal de Lima, economist

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