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EU workers: Employment of qualified foreign workers

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An expert in the field of hiring qualified personnel, EU Workers has so far been working with many partners who practice in different fields of activity. The temporary agency brings its experience and extensive market knowledge to implement tailor-made recruitment solutions, according to the specific needs of each partner.

Facilitate the recruitment of foreign companions

For more than eighteen years, the French Temporary Agency for European Union Workers has specialized in supporting many companies with solutions to deploy qualified personnel available as soon as possible. The agency mainly operates around three main sectors of activity: industry, construction and tourism.

To provide a quality service, EU workers take care of all the organizations related to the travel of foreign companions from their country of origin but also on French soil, as well as their accommodation and all administrative and legal formalities. Thus, EU Workers offers a double hat: in serving its clients and supporting its employees.

EU workers: ensuring a skilled workforce

To ensure a high level of professionalism for its clients of recruited workers, the temporary employment agency has established recruitment procedures aimed at verifying the technical skills of the candidate in his field of activity, by passing various practical tests in advance.

“This really allows us to reassure our partners of the level and qualifications of the workers, so that companies can access a qualified workforce, all through reasonable prices,” stated Radoslav Galka, founder and current CEO of EU Workers.

The agency is now making it clear that it wants to work with its partners for the long term, so that it can support them in a flexible way as soon as they need it, whether for employment contracts of a few weeks or several months, and beyond. for a year and a half.

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