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Forbes Billionaire Ranking 2023 | James Dyson Wants To Absorb Youth

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More inventor than manager

If James Dyson was a seasoned entrepreneur, management was never his cup of tea. It is only ten years after establishment dyson who took cover CEO. “I felt good as a leader. I have always been very fond of research, creation and development of products and technologies. Today, innovation is very exciting! Explains the famous engineer, who without regret decided to give up his position as CEO for the position of director of the R&D department.

For five years, he took over the reins of the company with his son, jack, Dyson’s chief engineer. “Working as a family is very simple and fun. My son joined me after making his way and he is helping me a lot today. If experience is clearly important in a company, as evidenced by Jake Dyson Joining his father at the age of 45, for the founder of Dyson, it is necessary to attract the profiles of young people. He enlisted himself upon dropping out, and soon assumed great responsibilities. With no business experience, he rose to the top. “It’s important to me to give back. Young people aren’t afraid of anything. They’re eager to learn, to be different and to bring new things to the company. It’s a pioneering mindset that is exactly Dyson. That’s the company’s DNA: making a difference by reinventing itself every day.”

James Dyson, 75, retains the lively spirit of a young engineer, intending to give young talent a chance, even beyond his company, through the Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology. This institution, working together with schools, aims to create the engineers of tomorrow and, above all, to make up for the severe shortage due to kingdomunited Urgently need engineering talent. “Engineers matter. They create and innovate things that can solve the world’s problems,” explains James Dyson, himself a pioneer in the search for solutions to global problems.

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