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Trusteeship, humane and committed to mutual

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A mutual fund that specializes in savings insurance, Tutélaire is committed to meeting everyone’s needs when life’s ups and downs present. Tutélaire respects foundational human values, and offers fair and accessible guarantees. Jean-Marc Osipal, CEO of Totalier, answers our questions.

Tutelary, a mutual humanitarian institution, has developed a long experience that today allows it to treat all …

In fact, we are committed to leaving no one behind and offering the same guarantees of protection to everyone. Since its inception in 1907, Tutilier has specialized in savings insurance. Thanks to our impact insurance approach, we develop comprehensive, honest and fair contracts that allow us to deal with people who are at risk, who have few resources or whose health has deteriorated, in order to fully respond to the needs and expectations of everyone. Our role is to be there when life breaks down and cover risks of dependency, daily life accidents, hospitalization etc.

Addiction is a hot topic…

Yes, that’s why we’ve just developed a long-term care contract, called “Wise Autonomy,” in order to take responsibility for losing autonomy at the first signs. This is to allow people who wish to stay at home, to make the process easier for the people involved, regardless of their health conditions. Not forgetting the carers, who play a key role in this care and who also need advice and support. Tutilier was also an industry leader, developing the first Guarantee of Assistance for Carers in 2000. Today, our contracts cover partial dependency and heavy dependence, adapting to each situation.

In 2020, Tutilair became a mutual fund with a mission. What is this?

Being engaged with a mission means ensuring that, in line with our core values ​​of humanity and solidarity, we renew and extend our commitment to new populations and take environmental issues into greater consideration. It also means ensuring that we define a global strategy so that all of our actions align with our commitment, which we strive to implement on a daily basis within our company and which we communicate to both the general public and our partners.

As an employer, Tutélaire is committed to continuing and expanding a philanthropic HR policy geared towards CSR issues in order to promote diversity and provide employees with a healthy, high-quality work environment. For example, we just introduced a 4-day week, at the request of employees who wanted to better balance professional and personal life. The first feedback is also very positive.

As an investor, Tutélaire pledges to only make investments that are responsible, socially and/or environmentally. This is why, for example, we have created an SRI Fund dedicated to biodiversity.

The environmental issue is indeed essential to Tutter. How do you behave?

We have recently moved into new, smaller buildings that meet the highest environmental requirements. Thus, we have reduced our energy consumption and, in turn, our carbon footprint. Tutilair is also committed to promoting environmentally responsible behavior, which is a strategy we want to pursue in the long term.

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