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Will KillBills kill the receipt?

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KillBills isn’t a movie title as its name suggests, but it does promise a solution to end receipts in paper form. If the means do exist, Seyid Ahmet Cekblade, founder of the startup, has imagined an alternative that is more ecological but also more sensible. explanations.

We know that… That little piece of paper often ends up in a ball in the bottom of his pocket or he puts the credit card in the wallet after buying it, before it ends up in the trash. Environmental perversity of startup founder Syed Ahmed Checkblade killing If we take into account 2.5 million trees are cut down each year For a blue card ticket which has an average life of 3 seconds. Although he is not the first to position himself in the digital solution niche, his startup has focused on its hitherto untapped potential.

Measures to digitize the receipt

For the record, the end of Receipts is more like a soap opera with twists and turns. It all starts in 2020 with a vote AGEC Code related to waste control and the circular economy. A decree to end the automatic printing of paper receipts was issued on January 1, 2023. The measure was postponed first to April 1, and then again to August 1. So paper receipts are holding up and nothing says they won’t withstand an Indian summer.

The Cornelian dilemma for the French.

If 73% of them support the end of automatic printing, then 71% remain attached to small paper. More than being persuaded, they need to be seduced and reassured of alternatives. As the government bounces back, industry players have braced. Scan QR codesLoyalty cards, apps, emails, and dematerialization solutions multiply. But it is not yet enough to change an ingrained habit among consumers.

killing, which recently raised 4 million euros, has chosen a different path. The company offers to send receipts directly to the consumer banking space. One can easily imagine clicking on the statement to see the details of the purchases made in the store. with one economic model Which relies on subscriptions paid by banks to offer this service to its customers, Sid-Ahmed Chick-Bled guarantees that it is the most environmentally friendly solution because email, which is also condemned for haunting mailboxes in the Lowlands, will be as carbon dioxide polluting as a paper receipt. Ecology isn’t the only argument put forward by the young startup Suresnoise. It also wants to give more meaning to a payment receipt, whose current use is generally limited to checking prices and serving as proof of purchase. Tomorrow, thanks to purchase details, consumers will be able to better manage their budget or get an accurate idea of ​​their carbon footprint.

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