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The Kelowna dancer heads to the World Cup of Dance

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A Kelowna woman will travel to Portugal this summer for the 2023 World Cup of Dance, where she will represent Canada as it tries to grab the gold medal.

Dancer and Project INDIgreat founder Priyaali Kanti has been chosen to wear red and white for Canada after winning first prize for her video at Nationals.

Kanti, who is from India, told Castanet she plans to combine the two types of dance to create what she hopes will be a World Cup first place.

“I started dancing at a very young age and learned a classical Indian dance form called Kathak. It’s basically a story-telling dance form, and what I’m going to do is blend East and West to create a blend of my culture,” Kanti said.

Kante will be dancing in a folklore class, a class close to his heart.

“Folk is basically any traditional dance that isn’t North American, so in a way, I’m going to act out my traditional Indian dance, and I’m going to do it for Canada, so it’s really a very proud moment for me. Because I was born and raised in India and immigrated to Canada in 2017. “

According to Kanti, had it not been for the support of her fans here in Kelowna, she might not have been in the position she is in today.

“It was a combination of my hard work, but also the support from the city of Kelowna where I was able to train more and gain that confidence to finally get to the World Cup. It feels great to be on the international stage. And no matter if I win or lose, it will always be a part big than me.” “.

The 2023 Dance World Cup will be held from June 30 to July 8 and is expected to welcome thousands of dancers from all over the world.

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