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Officine Générale eases classic creations at Paris Fashion Week

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French fashion brand Officine Generale presented an impressive collection of casual wear on the catwalk on Friday as part of Paris Fashion Week. “The goal was really to work on looser cuts for suit jackets,” says the brand’s designer and designer Pierre Maheu.

The collection, which featured both men’s and women’s looks, included loose-fitting trousers, sleek jackets, lightweight coats, and cotton pants with an elasticated waist. Models walked down a cobblestone walkway in the courtyard of the Hôtel de la Monnaie on Paris’ Left Bank, wearing white, cotton sneakers or ballet flats that adorned the elegant look.

One of several contemporary French brands that have caught the wave of post-pandemic fashion demand in the US to establish retail operations there, the brand plans to open a store on New York’s Madison Avenue this fall. The menswear offerings at Paris Fashion Week, which ends June 25, feature dozens of brands ranging from some of fashion’s biggest names like Louis Vuitton and Dior-owned LVMH, as well as Hermès, to smaller emerging brands.

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