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Hal Sparks on the amazing play of the KISS destroyer: The Spark Parade

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Actor and comedian Hal Sparks (gay as a people) has been a huge fan of KISS for as long as he can remember. Saw the hit KISS album poster destructive And his jaw dropped. Since then, he has been in awe of her art and musicianship.

destructive He helped establish the KISS as the world’s dominant rock stars, spawning a string of hits and providing the perfect vessel for the band’s own brand of the rock scene. Sparks’ love for the band has only grown since the release of destructiveAs well as his encyclopedic knowledge of the band’s history. Right from the start, Sparks felt — well, Spark what it’s like to connect with art on such a personal level.


“I want people to have the same experience I had something that you have taken destructive And he goes, “This is part of who I am,” he explains.

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Host Adam Owens (authorship) explores creativity in all its forms on Spark Parade By asking musicians, artists, comedians, and other creatives to share the one cultural work that inspired them the most. Whether it’s from the world of music, film, comics, visual art, or literature, we all have something that sparks our creative cravings. we Spark ParadeGuests reveal one piece of art that ignites their creativity.


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