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Epigenetics: take care of your body, and therefore your health, while staying in good shape even at an advanced age!

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Let your body keep you healthy, young and successful! Epigenetics: New Science, New Look at Health!

Health, as long as we have it, we do not know our luck!

Valerie Leduc

How not to be affected by serious diseases related to aging?
Are cancers, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative diseases, and diabetes inevitable, or do we have the means to protect ourselves from them? Can we talk about healthy longevity in possession of all our performance?
It has been scientifically proven that the human body has all the means for repair and healing within it.

Let’s take care of our body and therefore our health!

The epigenetic house – © Dr. Leduc

It is up to us to take care of it, we are responsible for our health by adopting a healthy lifestyle that does not alter all the basic functions of our organism.
Epigenetics It is the field that studies the influence of our environment on our genes.
85% They can be activated or deactivated by signals coming from our environment. This is represented by food, exercise activity, managing internal stress (tan, extreme tiredness) but also external (pollution, noise, etc.), thoughts (beliefs, emotions, self-esteem) and finally love, friendship and social connection.
Most of the time, we think of living healthy by taking care of our body, but today in the 21st century it is very difficult and even almost impossible to get rid of all the bad influences of daily life: overwork, fatigue from transportation, lack of sleep, polluted, poor diet. With minerals and vitamins, even industrial ones, air pollution, lack of time for oneself, a sedentary lifestyle, low morale with negative thoughts, a difficult situation, a source of anxiety, loneliness and lack of love, self-reliance….
Life will consist of repeating bad habits despite all the good intentions we can put into living a healthy life.

How to maintain your health even at an advanced age, how to ignore the changes associated with aging?

What happens in our cells, tissues, organs, and finally our bodies as we age? The study of aging explores the decline in bodily functions in adulthood. In 10 years, more than 300,000 scientific articles have been published, which is as many as in the last century!

Get to know each other better to better understand the future

The epigenetic house – © Dr. Leduc

In this column, we will present the most recent advances in this field, namely, the molecular, cellular, and systemic properties of aging.
We’ll talk about biological clocks and how to get them back!
Welcome to the world of epigenetics, this new science that allows us to understand a different life where we leave our body with all its capabilities intact to repair us and not premature aging (before 120 years!!).

Written by Valerie Leduc, MD, a physician specializing in anti-aging medicine and epigenetics

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