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Arthur Russell lives on in a new posthumous collage of Rabbit Bunny: Stream

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It’s been more than 30 years since the death of experimental musician Arthur Russell, but his extensive musical oeuvre continues to grow. On Friday, June 23, Audika Records participated bunny bunny image, the latest posthumous compilation of previously unreleased music from the New York composer and cellist. Listen to the album below.

With nine new tracks, bunny bunny image It provides a glimpse into Russell’s creative process during the last period of his life. The songs were recorded in the mid-1980s, just before he was diagnosed with HIV, and they show his unique and innovative approach to songwriting and production. The scratches of the tapes and the momentary distortions of the sound come together to form a wonderful mosaic, illustrating how Russell was ahead of his time.

According to Audika’s recordings, the songs were played bunny bunny image It comes from two test presses, one given by Russell’s mother and sister. Most of the material was recorded with engineer Eric Liljestrand at Battery Sound Studios, “directly across from” the World Trade Center in Manhattan. Steve Knutson, Russell’s archivist, and Tom Lee, Russell’s ex-lover, have producer credits on the remake.


“Music is a very personal thing,” Russell said. Sohu Weekly News In 1977 during an interview that Audika Records quotes for press materials for the new compilation. “How you treat your music is closely related to how you treat your life. If you abuse your abilities as a musician, you abuse your capabilities as a human being and you are taking humanity in the wrong direction.”

bunny bunny image Available on DSPs, as well as on CD, cassette and vinyl – you can order the album via Bandcamp.

bunny bunny image Artwork:


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