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10 Dreamy Valley Albums I Think Every Music Fan Should Own

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Crate Digging is a recurring feature that takes a deep dive into the history of music to showcase several albums that all music fans should know about. In this release, the members of Valli talk through some of the favorites that have shaped their individual musical identities.

The New Valley era has arrived, but for bandmates Mickey Brandolino, Rob Lasca, Kara James and Alex DiMauro, lost in translation It is about the struggle to survive in the present. The alt-pop burgeoning sophomore album spans 15 tracks, a third of which have been released before full recording over the past few months, and the end result sounds like a series of journal entries or texts from a friend.

“Sometimes life can feel like living in a fishbowl — watching it pass you by as one big blur,” says Brandolino. “Music always sets us apart… It’s the energy we use to keep going.”


“It was a maze to figure out what all this meant, why we still do it, and what was found and most importantly, what was lost along the way,” Laska adds.

With a string of international tour dates on the horizon (safe tickets here), the band isn’t slowing down that momentum anytime soon. But first, on the occasion of the release lost in translation, the quartet took a minute to chat through some of their favorite albums, breaking down the ways they were individually shaped as artists along with how these recordings ultimately affected their sound as a group. Read on for our favorite Valley albums, courtesy of Ariana Grande Thank you next (which James claims may be “the best pop record ever”), to classics by The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac.

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