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Satender Sartaj Mixes French And Punjabi In Upcoming Song “Paris De Yougne”

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Bombay: Punjabi pop singer Satinder Sartaj, known for hits like ‘Rutba’, ‘Sajjan Raazi’, ‘Titli’ and ‘Gala’n Ee Ney’, will be capturing love in a bottle while mixing some French songs in his next single Paris Di Jugni , which makes it fun to listen to.

Located in Paris, “Paris Di Jugni” marks Sartaj’s first attempt at blending French and Punjabi. While it was initially decided that the French parts would be done by a local, Sartaj decided to take on the challenge himself of blending two very different languages ​​and doing a lot of preparatory work, as the artist learns the dialect. dialect pronunciation. and other nuances of the language to make it a more realistic and complete experience.

Talking about his experience, Satinder Sartaj said, “It was a whole new world for me, especially when you read French, you won’t be able to pronounce the words like you do in French. After several tries, I said to myself, if I’m speaking correctly, why not. Put my ability to work.” In writing songs and singing in. That’s how it happened.

And he jokingly added: “I hope people will enjoy the love and appreciation for this attempt, and who knows, I may receive invitations to parties from the French.”

Satandre Sartaj’s next single “Paris Di Jugni” was produced by T-Series with Partners in Rhyme. The song was produced by Sunny Dhinsey and filmed extensively in Paris. The first track will premiere on T-Series’ YouTube channel on June 26th.

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