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Ireland is ready to offer 84,000 euros to anyone who wants to settle on one of its islands

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Do you want to quit your job and escape the routine of living on a secluded island? Ireland is set to offer up to €84,000 to people who settle on one of Ireland’s 30 remote islands.

The program is called Our living islands This is the visionary project put in place by the Irish government that aims to regenerate some thirty sparsely populated islands. I’Arranmore Island, for example, is located off County Donegal, along the wonderful Wild Atlantic Way. I’Clare Island, just off County Mayo, is known for its beaches and hiking. I’Bear Island It is a peaceful paradise popular with hikers, cyclists, bird watchers, and plant lovers. for Ennis Mooreone of the Aran Islands, served as the setting for the film Anisherin from Inisherinnominated for an Oscar in 2022.

what a dream You are wide sighted! These are places isolated from the rest of the world. There is no way to reach the mainland by bridges, and sometimes the tide will even prevent any crossing. Most of these islands are small. The population of Clare Island is only 160.

The Irish government’s ten-year strategy is to create thriving multi-generational communities, diversify the islands’ economy, make them more attractive to remote workers and create jobs for residents. The government is willing to pay people who have the courage to take the initiative and settle in one of these islands.

This is not the first time that a government or city has proposed such a project. Many Italian cities and regions also offer an amount of money to people coming to settle, such is the case of Calabria with the city of Santo Stefano di Cessanio. In the United States, similar programs have been put in place.

However, the €84,000 Irish project is certainly one of the most generous. Like any project of this kind, there is an analogue. This generous financial support aims to revive the derelict properties that grace the islands’ landscape. Aspiring islanders will need to buy and own property, as long as it was built before 1993 and has been vacant for at least two years. Donated funds can only be used for construction work, whether it be structural improvements or renovations.

If the idea of ​​waking up to the sound of crashing waves surrounded by stunning natural beauty and a tight-knit community appeals to you, mark your diary for 1any July, the date on which registration applications can be submitted.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Laura Begley Bloom

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