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Averman is being held at the Canadian border for possession of marijuana

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Afroman once again found himself in a marijuana bind, this time while trying to cross the Canadian border into the United States. The Palmdale rapper was cited and detained by the US Border Patrol for possession of marijuana and a large sum of money on Tuesday, June 20, TMZ reports.

After a series of Canadian tour dates, Afroman and his crew were trying to cross into upstate New York at the St. Lawrence River entry port for an upcoming gig. The feds reportedly found $10,000 in cash as well as a small personal amount of cannabis.

In an interview with TMZ, Afroman claimed he only had a bottle of cannabis solution after giving almost all of the weed to his fans and the housekeeper at the hotel he was staying at, even though his coordinator had a few of the cannabis as well. The artist said he was held at the border for five hours and fined $500 for the lotion, while his DJ was also fined $500 for the chewing gum. No one has been arrested.


Afroman has had a few other run-ins with the law recently. Recently, he was sued by Adams County, Ohio police officers for using footage of them from a home raid they conducted on him in August 2022 in quite a few of his music videos. The raid was carried out due to unfounded suspicions of kidnappings and drug trafficking, which have yet to be resolved.

Despite this, Froman intends to run as an independent for president in 2024, vowing to be “our cannabis commander-in-chief. The nation’s chief of destiny.”

Afroman is performing tonight, June 22, at the Water Shed Music Hall in Rochester. He will continue to Virginia and Illinois before heading to Los Angeles to begin his career on West Coast dates. Get your tickets here.


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