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Air Mauritius: a company committed to a sustainable future

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Established on 14 June 1967, a few months before Mauritius became independent, Air Mauritius has fully played its role as the national airline by providing air connectivity essential to the development of the Republic of Mauritius over the past 50 years.

However, in April 2020, due to travel restrictions and border closures in all of its markets, as well as the grounding of all international and domestic flights amid the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, the airline suffered a complete erosion of its revenue base, with uncertainty over the resumption of international air traffic. Under these circumstances, the company was unable to meet its financial obligations in the foreseeable future. Therefore, the Board of Directors took a decision to place the company under voluntary management in order to preserve the interests of the company and all its stakeholders. Air Mauritius came out of voluntary administration on 1st October 2021 with the support of the Government of Mauritius which has pumped 12 billion Mauritian rupees (280 million USD) in the company through its parent company, Airport Holdings Limited.

Air Mauritius It has come a long way over the past 50 years as a national airline, growing from humble beginnings with Piper Navajo The latest generation of aircraft, such asAirbus A350-900 XWB and theA330-900neo. Today, Air Mauritius livery serves destinations in Europein Indiain Africain Indian Ocean Islandsin Asia and in Australia. Over the past half century, Air Mauritius has forged its reputation as an ” icon » Nationalconnecting Mauritius to the rest of the world and proudly flying the Mauritius flag at major global airports.

Air Mauritius operates from its base in Mauritius SSR International Airport. SSR International Airport is designated The best airport in the Indian Ocean in 2021 for the third consecutive year by World Travel Awards. The Air Mauritius logo is inspired by the Paille-en-queue, a seabird with long red tail feathers and a red beak. This bird, larger than its white-tailed cousin, is commonly seen in the northern islands of Mauritius and other parts of the Mascarenes, where it nests on unspoiled cliffs.

Committed to a sustainable future with tangible environmental initiatives in the service of preserving the island

In addition to its corporate social responsibility, the commitment of Air Mauritius Sustainable development It aims to create shared value for society while striving to achieve its commercial goals. The company understands that carbon emissions An inevitable by-product of modern industrial and economic activity. However, she is taking active steps to Reduce your carbon footprint Contribute to global efforts to combat climate change. Air Mauritius is also part of a collective effort by airlines around the world to control carbon emissions throughInternational Civil Aviation Organization (International Civil Aviation Organization) fInternational Air Transport Organization (iata). The company is committed to a program International Civil Aviation Organization Worthy ” International Aviation Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme (CORSIA), which aims to offset and reduce carbon emissions from the aviation industry.

New fuel efficient aircraft

As part of its fleet modernization programme, Air Mauritius has introduced New generation aircraft who reach out to 25% more fuel efficient from previous models. Airbus delivery A350-900 And A330-900neo Contribute significantly to reducing the airline’s carbon footprint.

Air Mauritius implemented various initiatives for Reduce weight on board from his planes. These measures include using lighter equipment, eliminating non-essential items and moving to a paperless environment. These efforts resulted in a weight reduction of more than 2,200 tons per year, which corresponds to a Reducing the burning of more than 500 tons of fuel. Air Mauritius actively engages its audience on social media platforms to raise awareness of environmental issues and promote its sustainability efforts. via his social networksthe company shares information about the aviation industry responsible for 2% of global carbon emissions as well as waste management, which averages 5.5 million tons annually. Air Mauritius is firmly committed to the programme Corsiabut is constantly looking for new ways to improve its sustainability initiatives.

Among Air Mauritius’ many environmental initiatives, We find Mangrove cultivation On site Ramsar Pointe d’Esny in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture. This action aims to preserve coastal ecosystems and combat soil erosion. Re-3 males of pink pigeons (Nesoenas Mayeri) From New Jersey to Mauritius after 40 years, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agricultural Industry, National Park Preservation Services and the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation. This initiative aims to protect vulnerable and endemic species on the island. One of Air Mauritius’ Airbus A350-900s has been dubbed the “Mauritius Kestrel” in honor of the Mauritius falcon (Falco punctatus), an endemic species that is endangered. This appointment was made in March 2022 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Republic of Mauritius. But also the participation of Air Mauritius in the resettlement, after 40 years, of Cylindroclin Lawrence in Mauritius and Pilea SPP In Rodrigues, two plants are endemic. This action contributes to preserving the biodiversity and unique ecosystems of these islands.

Since 2007, Air Mauritius has also been involved in One take off, one tree reforestation programme. In association with the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation. This joint initiative has resulted in the cultivation of more than 75,000 trees are endemic all over Mauritius And Rodrigues. By supporting the reforestation of endemic areas, Air Mauritius contributes to preserving biodiversity and combating environmental degradation.

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