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One28 is revolutionizing the DJ business model

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One28 revolutionizes the economic paradigm for DJs. This startup improves the musical universe of the night owl, giving it the possibility to interact with the DJ and offering him a voice.

One 28 It quickly gained international recognition less than a year after its launch party in Monaco. Founded by Adrien Crastes, One28’s mission is to make it easier for customers to listen to their favorite songs at disco, events and other venues, simply by scanning the app, and suggesting music to DJ and tip deposit. If the request is rejected by the DJ, the deposit will be refunded immediately.

Adrien’s journey to solve this problem began with his BA in General Mathematics and Economics from Bucknell University in the US, where he was a Division I student-athlete. Adrien also thinks about how DJs can bring them closer to their audience. In 2017 he realized the app was the perfect solution. Motivated by his desire to deepen his knowledge, Adrien decided to pursue postgraduate studies at the Institute of Finance and Insurance Sciences in France, where he is currently working towards an actuarial diploma while simultaneously managing One28. One28 solves a very common frustration: how to easily order your favorite songs from a DJ in the best way for everyone. Obviously, DJs do a great job of selecting music during the evening, but with hundreds of people in attendance, they can struggle when it comes to playing crowd favorites. This app facilitates that connection so they can move audience members to 128 beats per minute more often than not — the ecstatic and hedonistic beats as well as the heartbeats most recognizable in music.”

Adrian Christs

Since the launch party at the MK Club in Monaco, One 28 It has generated over $400,000 (all currencies converted to US dollars) in tips for DJs in 46 countries. They have just secured their first fundraising from strategically selected private investors for more efficient development of the company. The most tip a DJ receives in an evening on the app is €4,060 at TWIGA in Monaco.

global presence of One 28 Feel it in the finest nightclubs. to ARC Paris In the Palm Beach Club Cannes, games room and Choco From Madrid to Tape and Maddox London, from Twiga Monaco to 1Oak Tokyo, from Lavo NYC to Living Room and Saxony Miami at Hotel Faena, via Bootsy Bellows in Los Angeles, One28 operates in nearly 46 countries and collaborates with over 3,000 DJs.

With such a wide network of nightclubs, One28 offers DJs an unprecedented opportunity to showcase their talent and earn extra tips through song requests. This unique concept has revolutionized the way DJs invest their skillsallowing them to communicate directly with their audience and provide an unforgettable experience for their audience.

Milane Meritte, DJ and app ambassador, describes One28 as A revelation for every DJ. “It’s a way to get direct proximity between customers and the DJ. The way to put your phone in front of the DJ’s eyes is over. After playing in many nightclubs around the world and at prestigious events like Grand Prix and Fashion Weeks, Milane is at the forefront of the revolution that One28 is bringing to the world of DJs and nightclubs.

The One28 apps also extend to restaurants, as diners can now order songs from the comfort of their table.

“We are particularly pleased with Maya Jah in Monaco and Julia and Cesar in Paris, as it showed us that our target audience is wider than we expected,” says One28. “Although we originally designed our app for nightclubs and bars with loud music, we found that it is also suitable for restaurants. So it is a market that we will explore.”

The company continues to develop its ecosystem of web and mobile apps to provide users with the best possible experience. One28 is about to release the macOS version of One28 DJ.

Excited by the reception of the concept, One28 is optimistic in its ability to help both DJs and clubs around the world. “For DJs, it’s easy to understand the mood of the crowd while creating a new source of advice for them,” says the company. “For our listeners, they can now quickly request their favorite song and feel the adrenaline rush we all feel when the music kicks in. It’s the best of both worlds and will make any evening that much more unique and special.”

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