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Tizy: Designer of fun and accessible digital solutions for businesses

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An expert in designing digital products and solutions tailored to each client’s business needs, Tizy intends to democratize and adopt technology with a truly fun and streamlined approach.

Put user enjoyment at the heart of projects

The company specializing in digital solutions currently has 4 main areas of activity with a first area oriented towards project management and assistance in project management as well as project management, and a second technical area of ​​web and application development. mobile, a third domain dedicated to graphic design and branding, and finally a fourth geared towards operational needs and cybersecurity.

At Tizy, we prioritize user enjoyment in the product or solution we design. This aspect is placed at the top of the pyramid, even before the budget or schedule. Our primary mission is to get the technology our customers embrace with a more entertaining approach than usual. says Fabian Serra, CEO of the company.

Advice and support, prototyping, prototyping, implementation and final delivery: the company is present at every stage of a project and throughout the production chain. Tizy relies on a team of four multidisciplinary experts, all of whom specialize in a very specific area.

Creating new digital solutions

The studio works daily with two main types of clients. On the one hand, large companies, to design and manage tailor-made web projects, but also to optimize software packages in order to simplify and improve the end user experience. On the other hand, the company also supports small structures (artisans, freelancers, micro-enterprises, small and medium enterprises) by responding to their business problems, by carrying out personal support, in addition to promotional work.

The company regularly develops new digital solutions based on market expectations. ” We are going to run From the summer of 2023 a new solution called LEPTO. This is a mobile app for managing shared expenses, with a whole world inspired by the world of entertainment Fabian Serra adds.

Tizy has also been offering a brand new GDPR compliance support tool for a few weeks, specifically targeting web agencies and webmasters. Each client can now more easily manage their site’s compliance and personal data management, benefiting from an easy-to-use solution that all wallets can access.

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