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A platform for renting accommodation in the medium and long term

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This is a kind of platform that acts as an interface between landlords and tenants. Value Added ? Online booking! Studapart’s goal: to simplify at least one-month rentals for everyone, students and professionals alike. With around 700,000 renters, 160,000 condominiums, and 65,000 owners, Studapart has quickly made a name for itself in this market.

The role of these platforms is to streamline relations between landlords and tenants. Unpaid rents, damage to furniture and real estate: There is no shortage of disputes and the online home booking platform has prompted a change in its safeguards to protect landlords. This should in no way obscure the essential role of these platforms: facilitating tenants’ access to housing.

A platform to facilitate landlord-tenant relations

In addition to the above numbers, Studapart is present in more than 45 cities in France, but also in Brussels, Madrid and Barcelona. The platform currently weighs over €7.5 million in trading volume.

Although the leading online student accommodation booking platform, the aim of the platform is ageless. All publics are interested, as long as they plan to rent for at least a month.

Network availability, user-friendly interface, desire to humanize the relationship between landlords and tenants: these are all the elements that have made Studapart so successful.

A platform that evolves in the face of conflicts

It is a fact that the number of unpaid rents is increasing. For the month of April 2023, the rate of unpaid rent in France is estimated at 9%. While inflation, which peaks at over 7%, may have something to do with this, the fact remains that conflict situations are on the rise.

In 2018, Sudapart launched its Studapart guarantee, an optional and free warranty product for landlords to insure their rent covering up to €96,000 in unpaid rent, €3,000 in property damage and €1,500 in property damage. In 2023 it will be included in 40% of bookings on the platform by private owners and professionals. Sign of the warranty request from the lessors.

This need has not escaped the Studapart platform, which has amended its terms and which, as of May 11, 2023, offers owners a formula that allows them to automatically benefit from insurance against property damage (floor, walls, ceiling) and personal damage (furniture, things and personal items). In other words, landlords are now covered free of charge up to €1,500 in property damage and €3,000 in property damage (plus a security deposit collected on tenant’s entry) for any booking on the platform. hire.

Coverage for any unpaid bills remains optional.

This contextual development posed a major challenge for the managers of Studapart, who continue to improve their services with the same goal: to offer landlords and tenants a convenient platform that makes it possible to facilitate their housing searches, all within a safe framework for all parties.

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