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Ryan Seacrest, Sherri Shepherd are among the frontrunners to replace Pat Sajak at Wheel of Fortune

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Afraid of that Succession I finish? Well, the Roy family drama may have wrapped up, but a whole new sequel drama might be set at Sony Pictures Television, where there’s one question on producers’ minds: Who will replace Pat Sajak? wheel of fortune? According to Puck News, Ryan Seacrest and Sherri Shepherd are among the frontrunners, but Sony is divided into “friendly factions” over who will win the coveted role.

Sajak – who has hosted the game show since 1981 – announced his retirement last week, and has indicated that he would prefer to have a successor as soon as possible, hoping to avoid DangerDebacle style. In light of that, Seacrest — who recently stepped away from hosting duties at Kelly Ripa He lives! – became the clear favorite. His decades of hosting experience certainly makes him a qualifier, and according to Puck, his team has been in talks with wheel producers.

Others at Sony, however, want to use the opportunity of Sajak’s retirement to rebrand and refresh the show, which has remained in relatively flat form since its debut in 1975. According to Puck, the frontrunner for the position is Shepherd, who could bring in a new vibe. And pleasant for the program, and reflects the program’s diverse viewership. She of course has a lot of hosting experience too.


Others are vying for the position as well, but there has been no word on any official decision. All of the maneuvers make sense — while, for some, wheel It may be an afterthought in terms of cultural impact, it remains one of the highest-grossing shows on television. Weekly, it continues to attract about 7.7 million viewers, and brings in about $70 million annually through syndication. From licensing rights to wheelBranded slot machines alone, Sony is expected to earn $220 million over the next decade.

It’s a great party for the host, too — apparently, Sajak and his co-host, Vanna White, should only be willing to go four days a month. For this, Sajak was earning about $15 million a year. White earned less, but she certainly earned herself — and her impressive gesture skills — a place in the American pop culture lexicon. After Sajak says goodbye in 2024, White will continue to appear as the face of wheel An online casino created by BetMGM.

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