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Nick Mason: “It takes Nelson Mandela or someone like that” to reunite Pink Floyd

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Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason thinks getting David Gilmour and Roger Waters on the same page for a reunion takes something like a miracle. while talking about the band tea The dark side of the moon Classic “time” in the final episode of The story behind the songMason said he believed it would take someone like the late Nelson Mandela to broker a reconciliation between Gilmour and Waters.

“I think it’s highly unlikely, but I would have said it before broadcast 8 — 10 years ago or 12 years ago, whatever it is,” Mason said. “The only thing I can think will be possible is if there is some…if by coming back together we can have the effect of saving the planet or world peace or whatever. Hopefully we’ll go up. But I don’t think otherwise. It’s going to take Nelson.” Mandela or someone like that to lead it.”

Pink Floyd’s Live 8 performance actually took place in 2005 in London’s Hyde Park, but the three surviving band members shared the stage for a brief one-off reunion in May 2011 on the London leg of Waters’ tour for a performance of “Comfortably Numb”. At the time, Gilmour indicated on his website that he would not “reprise his own guest performance on a later occasion”.


Gilmore and Waters have remained at odds ever since, with Mason acting more or less as a mediator. As recently as April, the always impartial Mason said he was “tempted” to reunite the band and praised Waters’ re-recording of the song. The dark side of the moon.

But just two months ago, Gilmore slammed Waters as a “misogynistic, anti-Semitic Putin advocate” — a sentiment that came before Waters was investigated by German police for wearing an outfit resembling that of an SS soldier during two performances in Berlin.


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