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Imminent rise on a world tour in a private jet! We make you live the journey of a lifetime on board an Airbus like no other

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What an airplane, what a journey, what trials! Only 100 seats (instead of 340 in the traditional version) of the Airbus 340-300 chartered by Safrans du Monde that will become, for 22 days, the time of a great flight around the world, your living room, and more. It remains to choose the formula: Club Safrans or La Première, in other words, The Exception or The Exceptional Exception.

If the company was set up by Guy Bejiaoui Dating back to 2003 – 20 years this year! -, the new formulas he has set for these exceptional world tours are very recent: 2016, it is time to improve the offer and above all to change the aircraft, in this case a very modern aircraft that meets the best safety standards while respecting the current responsible environmental standards.

Just 100 spaces, and several sleeping seats, divided into two formats: “Club Safrans” (68,000 euros per person); and “Première”, with some characteristics associated with this status (105.000 euros). Thus, these 100 seats would accommodate in total 80 premium riders, was taken care of, or rather pampered, by a staff and management, also exceptional, of 25 people. With a lounge bar at the back of the plane, even if customers are traveling individually, conviviality is invited on board with natural simplicity, even in the sophistication of service.

It is clear that passengers, regardless of the option chosen, will be provided with all the necessary amenities: soft pillows, mattress toppers, duvets, slippers, comfort kits and even a tablet with headphones (with external noise reduction). Passengers in this category must first be picked up from their home or hotel by a designated vehicle and driver and one night at the hotel prior to departure. The difference does not end there, and the multiplicity of attention and detail will set this class apart, even if both are quite noticeable. You can trust me chef paul couse, It is on board and comments on its menus, classic or combined with certain specialties related to the last stopover as well as the next. Because we change worlds every three days, the menus are so varied and this culinary world tour is as fun as it is engaging.

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Thus, taking the example of takeaways from last year’s trip between Lima And Easter Islandthen from the last to PapeeteWe will pass, in all its sweetness and flavour, a kitchen naturally oriented towards fish, in particular tuna, mahi-mahi, sierra, and seafood of Māori origins from Polynesia. For the next, the country of arrival becomes the country of departure and a new inspiration follows for moving to Easter Island in Papeete, with the same enthusiasm, the same dilemma of choices, the same joy of discovery. It is obviously wines and spirits champagne Follow these proposals intently, with a desirable cellar from the best grape-growing regions the most beautiful labels in the best grapes.

If menus follow stages, if gastronomy and table art are expressed daily, each stop on this journey is a discovery, even more an emotional shock. It will definitely be the same for the next trip in October (Oct 24 – Nov 14) with an inspiring trip.

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Time to stop! As Guy Bigiaoui says, “The plane is only a tool in the service of travel and experience.” “You can’t imagine it until you do it,” he adds. “A festival of wonders, every day, a whirlwind of images, shivers, emotions, encounters of scents, music…” Post Bay RioHere is Machu Picchu where the Incas celebrated the sun, then the mysterious Easter Island watched over by stone giants. You will then surrender to the magic of Polynesia, its black pearls and crystal lagoons, and you will spend 4 nights there, a real vacation in paradise! After crossing the International Date Line, your plane touches down on Sydney, and you imagine you’re actually encountering the opera ! Then bustling Hanoi awaits you, then calm Halong Bay and the temples of Angkor. They are as great as they move. Agra is the destination for the magic of the Taj Mahal, a sublime declaration of love in white marble. Finally he is an apotheosis, at the foot of the pink temples of Petra and in the desert of Wadi Rum.

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When traveling in the “Club Safrans”, the overland services include, among other things, accommodation in 5-star hotels, full board, parties and shows, and benefit from a full program of excursions and visits, with a group of up to 25 people. Premier Safran, located in the mansions, maximum 16 person excursions, is enriched with experiences such as the Belmond Hiram Bingham luxury train in Peru, the unique experience of a night on Halong Bay, and many other surprises… Your professional guide and handpicked local guides.

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Travel resumes extensively around the world, if there is only one trip in 2023, two trips are planned in 2024, in March and October, with others always incredible. It’s never too late to book the ride of your life.


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