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Rome opened an ancient arena where Julius Caesar was killed

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A general view shows the Largo Argentina archaeological area a day before it reopens to the public after restoration, in Rome, Italy, on June 19.Remo Caselli/Reuters

History buffs can stroll near the spot where legend has it Julius Caesar met his bloody end, when Roman authorities opened a new gate to the ancient site on Tuesday.

The accounts, embellished by William Shakespeare, tell of how the Roman dictator was stabbed to death by a group of afflicted senators at the Ides on March 15 – March 15 – in 44 BC.

According to tradition, he died in Plaza Largo Argentina in the center of the capital – which houses the remains of four temples.

All are currently below street level and until recently could only be seen behind barriers near a busy road junction.

Starting Tuesday, visitors will be able to tour the site at ground level on the walkway and see the structures up close.

Italian fashion house Bulgari funded the work on a site that was first discovered and excavated during construction work in Rome in the 1920s.

The area – near where Caesar is supposed to have exclaimed “Et tu, Brute?” He also saw his friend Brutus among his kills – today it’s also home to a feral cat sanctuary.

Non-residents will pay €5 ($5.50) to visit.

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