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Post-digital: The digital human mix is ​​key

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No economic sector today escapes the digital wave that is sweeping France: banking, ready-to-wear, insurance, etc. They all started their digital revolution. However, if a digital is an undeniable business asset, only actors who maintain a human bond will do well.

“imaginary” electricity, the combustion engine, and now digital: the moment always comes, in the history of our societies, when technology is so closely integrated into our daily lives that it almost loses its disruptive character. In the post-digital age, it was numerical revolution Will it be on the verge of normalization? One thing is certain: in 2023, digital service delivery is no longer a differentiation criterion, regardless of the respective sector or market; It is just an indispensable condition.

The digitization of our lifestyles is no longer the prerogative of the virtual domain alone. It affects the most tangible acts of life, even those we mistakenly think are forever protected from this wave: today it is no longer necessary – although it is still, fortunately, possible – to move physically to go shopping or even to buy a new car. In food, success driving and others Click and collect Attests to the fit between these delivery offers and consumer expectations. The French fully adopted these new uses.

Post-digital success

Post-digital spares no room, the phenomenon also acquires, very logically, Higher education sector – Although there is a slight lag compared to other economic sectors. Thus, it is no longer necessary to travel today for such or such advice: lawyers, mediators and even doctors can be consulted online, with an identical quality of service, when they are no better than that which actual history can promise. The explosion of the Doctolib site since the health crisis demonstrates, if necessary, the importance of this model, which compensates, without replacing, the shortcomings of the traditional model.

This is also true in the sector Bank Based on insurance. It is no longer necessary to go to an agency to obtain information or sign up for a contract. Of course, the inherent sensitivity to banking and insurance issues makes these fields unlike any other; Engaging remotely may, at first glance, seem inconvenient and even disconcerting to a number of clients. But mentalities are changing, and online banking and insurance are in fact attracting more and more French people – especially, but not only, the youngest among them, those digital natives who no longer envision not using the Internet or their smartphone to manage their smartphone. accounts.

Digital is a means, not an end, that provides simplicity, speed and depth of services, “New Insurance Companies” 100% online Thus gaining ground. And they are not satisfied with providing a simple immaterial estimate: Now, not only is it possible to consult and manage your contracts online, but the customer experience often also includes after-sales, or even declaration of claims, with real remote monitoring and video appointments greatly speeding up the File processing, and ultimately the time before compensation. Not to mention price, which is probably the most obvious business argument for those pure players who, without rents, agencies or receptionists, pass the savings made into their contract prices.

Does this mean that all is well in the most digital world? Frequent criticisms of digitization and the dehumanization that underlies it apply well to the online insurance industry. And, as is so often the case, it’s the actors who don’t put all their eggs in one basket that stand out—understand, the ones who, while embracing the post-digital, don’t forget their clients’ connection to the human connection. In other words, it’s a question, as the new home insurance company FRIDAY claims, of offering “the best of both worlds”: the speed and flexibility of digital technology on the one hand, the human connection, in particular via customer service (sales, assistance, troubleshooting) Available by phone and located in France, on the other hand. A line also shared with MAIF, the traditional insurance company that has not taken advantage of forced digitization to sell the sense of closeness that has always been its DNA.

True origin to seduce a Young and connected customers, digital remains only a prerequisite, which is certainly necessary but does not dispense with the provision of tailor-made and adapted offers that are as close as possible to customer needs. While the competition heats up in the new insurance market, the players who perform and who will impose themselves tomorrow in a sector where innovation is the law, are those who will not forget that digital was, is and will be. InstrumentIt is not an end in itself.

Column written by: Aurélien Schvartz – expert in marketing and e-commerce issues, who has been working for more than twenty years on the digitalization of services in many sectors of activity.

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