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More than a “mechanic” as a true leader in customer satisfaction, solidarity and consumer protection, influential member of the Plus-que-PRO network “Best Companies in France” systematically rewarded by the automated press since 2017

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DESS AUTO TRANSAC, founded in 2013 by “Sébastien HERNANDEZ”, an authentic personality with a forward-looking outlook and legal skills, is characterized by its commitment, whether to “defend consumers” or to “fight injustice” through “SOCIAL” and “PRO BONO Towards the fairer sex and the poorer among her clients.

So the CEO’s ideology is to take back the basic bases of the confidence index that make great business leaders.

The brilliant creator was thinking of something else, aiming for something bigger than opening another garage without an idea when there are 40,000 in France (more than 105,000, including scammers) and thus developed an unprecedented business strategy based on the legal framework in 3 axes, the principle transparency and price Appropriate and considerate of the customer, as he likes to say: “The business manager, is not about perfecting his job, but first about the rights and interests of the consumer before his profit.”

APV auto strategist trip

The former “self-entrepreneur”, restructured in 08.2016 in favor of a company (SASU), is an experienced mechanic with 28 years of experience, from the best training schools (BAILLY franchises) where he obtained his qualifications (mechanic CAP A6-1 ..), before To decide to reinvent the indicator of trust within his company and reverse the notoriety of the often singled out APV business.


The company has developed a theory that can be analyzed in two elements, the inadequacy of management in regulating the business creation market and thus allowing the cancer of scammers to emerge, which has led to the central vector of hidden work and social networks, which is animated by the feeling of jealousy towards the famous entrepreneur since 2017 on PLAY LE MAG, AUTO-PLUS, ASTUCE DE PRO, M6, until the final award in the 2022 AUTO- MOTO AWARDS class … “Commitment and Customer Satisfaction”.

“Those who are denounced in the context of consumer protection”, the aim, to preserve the profession from unfair competition and support the interests of consumers who are systematically harmed, as is the case with our detractors, “this is the model of the French people, and the more numerous the better, because This means that we are in the right direction and legitimate, as shown, moreover, by our participation in the M6 ​​report (02.2023) on the firewall scam, ”Sebastian confirms.

An atypical mechanic with legal skills

At the same time, the CEO can claim that 4 years of study in the legal sector carried out from 2006 (Professional Certificate in Private Law – Male Social Law), a pair of legal skills and vehicles, which he puts at the service of consumers, a clear framework that allows him By maintaining the “No Litigation” rule and developing a unique business model, to initiate the principle of transparency that is so dear to it and to combat fraud, fraud and a lot of scams.

DESS AUTO TRANSAC is part of the range of traditional services, maintenance, diagnostics and mechanical repairs, combined with the undeniable expertise in engine pollution removal strategy, which is presented at GRAND-EST and BENELUX. The principle of circular economy (PIEC) is also implemented by the company, a PSA specialist, under the legal regime (01.2017), which provides two new courtesy cars for free, reinforcing its commitment to customer satisfaction.

An unprecedented level of transparency

L’atout maître de DESS AUTO TRANSAC réside, dans le double adage de son leader: “tout dire, qui on est & ce qu’on fait au quotidien” – “mieux communiquer pour inhiber les conflits” à dessein de “retablir le climat trust”.

DESS AUTO TRANSAC is positioned, today, as an essential reference for the APV, then Sébastien offers what nothing else does, namely the support contract (OR), respect for the manufacturer’s standard, provision of PR and the principle of obligation to report with the offer on the digital terminal of corporate legal information Certificates, diplomas and professional insurance.

It is stated that all services are subject to daily confirmation, with screenshots, on the “PRO FB page” of the company that also uses the “YouTube” media to denounce fraud, abuse and a lot of fraud by way of video documents available on the channel. For the purpose of objectively informing and defending the rights and interests of consumers.

MSM Challenge and PRO BONO

In 01.2019, Sebastian made it clear that he is determined to adhere to just causes by providing strategic services “at cost” under conditions that meet the “without professional perspective” principle that was established, in the face of car problems faced by people with disabilities, under guardianship or receiving state assistance. In response to the health crisis (2020), the company features post-lockdown “PRO BONO” actions for traders in difficulty, “people rescue” and law enforcement.

The authenticity of customer reviews against tampering with “more than professional” strength!

09.05.2019 DESS AUTO TRANSAC has been selected to join the symbolic “More than PRO” that cultivates “Resilience of Reality”, the only network in Europe that lists the “Best Companies in France” to support the audit according to the comments from their customers are controlled, with a mission Consumer protection by waging a merciless fight against fraud by the representative of “false customer reviews”, according to INSEE, for more than 35% of the comments collected on search engines, social networks and other commerce sites.

“Customer Satisfaction, Someone Talks About It, Someone Brings It to Life,” a thesis that takes its full meaning in terms of the stratospheric results of what the entrepreneur refers to as the “DESS Signature,” with a track record of 99.2% satisfaction figures, and over 780 verified customer reviews. Irrefutable and privileged “privilege” reserved for the elite (2% of members) of over PRO Network under 350 checkpoint process with ISO 20488 standard, BLOCKCHAIN ​​& ARKHINEO (Secure Storage for Data Centers).

Selected partners

DESS AUTO TRANSAC is constantly looking for excellence with selected partners, ALLIANCE AUTOMOTIV GROUP (PR), MOTOR-CLEAN (Decontamination), WURTH, “MORE THAN PRO”, LCL bank, GAN ASSURANCES, KOLATA-MERCIER (Lawyers), the company joined Then, since 06.2022, to the leader in the field of car disinfection “SNDD”, also a member of Plus que PRO, holder of a unique process, patented INPI, that meets the standard “EN 17272”, which follows a collaboration with ETS GRANDIDIER (04.2021) For the recycling of car waste (88).

Excellence project

Always on top, DESS AUTO TRANSAC plans to build a new garage focused on the environment and solidarity action, with automated digital systems. During the summer, the company undertakes to actively participate in environmental protection.

“Commitment and customer satisfaction are first and foremost the signature of those who bring it to life,” concludes Sebastien. DESS AUTO TRANSAC continues to be the perfect display of this philosophy of seeking innovation to provide the cream of services to consumers.

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