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Kraven the Hunter Trailer Shows R-Rated Take on Newest Spider-Man Villain Spin-Off: WATCH

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After the catastrophe meme is able to MorbiusSony is back to try again with another little-known solo Spider-Man villain. This time around, they’re taking a decidedly R-rating approach, as shown in the first trailer for Craven the hunter.

The film stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Sergey Kravinoff, aka Kraven, the paranoid son of a crime boss and hunter (Russell Crowe). On a safari to hunt lions, Sergei’s father leaves him for dead after showing weakness for the great cat. In a slightly inaccurate, but hey, comics bit of sci-fi getting his powers somehow, Sergei’s blood seems to be mixed with that of a lion, giving him supreme predator abilities and seemingly a direct line of communication with animals.

He grows up and decides to use his evil powers to take on his father’s criminal enterprises; “My dad puts evil in the world. He takes it out,” he tells Ariana DeBose’s character, the voodoo priestess of Calypso. As the Red Squad trailer shows, Kraven the Hunter is willing to get up close and violent with his enemies, including biting one man’s nose right out of his face. But as the tagline hints at, Kraven may think of himself as a hero, but is he making himself a villain?


(To be clear, Kraven is unequivocally a villain in the Spider-Man comics, but since this is the universe of Marvel characters and no Right MCU, the font is a bit fuzzier.)

Craven the hunter Fred Hechinger also stars as Kraven’s half-brother, Dmitry Smerdyakov, aka the master of chameleon disguise; Christopher Abbott as the yet to be revealed primary villain; and Alessandro Nivola as the classic consultant Rhino Spidey, whose transformation is teased at the end of the trailer. JC Chandor (wildest year) from a text attributed to Art Marcum and Matt Holloway (Iron ManAnd unknown) and Richard Wink (equalizer series).

Watch the preview below, and get ready for the appointment Craven the hunter Hits theaters October 6. Take a quick look at the first poster for the movie, which features Taylor Johnson as the classic Kraven on his throne.


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