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Commitment to the company in the face of its contradictions

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Faced with the new challenges of employee involvement in the company, managers will have to show flexibility and openness in order to overcome the contradictions of our time.

Paradox #1: Values ​​vs. Value:
The desire to manage by values ​​is shown by many companies. However, it is the productive logic that often still prevails in large firms with the re-emergence of processes and the triumph of ” Judging by the numbers At the expense of an immeasurable but essential work dimension: creativity. Enabling each employee to understand how they can increase their influence in the company in their own way is an interesting way to make them want to actively participate in the collective success.

Paradox #2: Responsibility vs. Profession:
For a company, being part of a responsible business is a matter of attractiveness, credibility, and even survival. However, for the public, corporate commitment is still grossly inadequate, and it is still often seen as a tool for an attitude that serves the image of the employer. In case: confusion Social responsibility ” And ” and social response »Which makes you mention reasons for hesitating ideals and revealing that they are far from the goal of the company. But definition raison d’être It constitutes a unique opportunity to re-profess the company in its usefulness to society. Then the value of teamwork is highlighted.

Paradox #3: Diversity vs. Coherence :
We never talk much about diversity, but by approaching the subject only through the prism of the categories to be “examined”, we do not address the foundation of all social cohesion: the question of relationship with others, individuals as they are. The real question, basically, is living together. social cohesionAs we know, we assume the formulation of two contrasting approaches: relying, on the one hand, on differences, and on the other, on similarities! Through similarities, we encourage the building of a common identity; Differences foster innovation. It is also necessary to accept individuality, because multiple sensitivities are indeed the source of constructive criticism and what drives teamwork forward.

Paradox #4: Proximity vs. Flexibility : The company is also called upon to overcome the contradictions between the need for closeness – which is based mainly on personal ties – and the development of the hybrid – which is based on Exclusivity at work. Two ambitions that must fuel the same collective project and foster trust. But let’s be clear, it’s workplace presence and proximity that limit employee turnover and facilitate relationships and trust. Remote work, for its part, has made finding a professional/personal balance a priority. It will now be necessary to respond to this double command: to be far and near at the same time!

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