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Increase the performance of professionals thanks to the automation of legal and administrative documents

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In a professional environment, one of the major challenges of our time is always being able to be more efficient at a given time. This raises a fundamental issue: how to combine the luxury of professionals with this constant quest for productivity. For Simon Joly, attorney by training and co-founder of Docify, the digitization of legal and administrative tasks makes it possible to significantly increase the performance of professionals while relieving them of this time-consuming work with low added value. They can then devote themselves entirely to their core business. to focus.

Can you introduce us to your company?

As a company specializing in the legal technology sector, the mission document Is to improve the productivity of professionals thanks to innovative digital technology solutions. Thus, we have designed a tool to automate the production of legal and administrative documents to save time, efficiency, security and quality.

Our solution is aimed directly at law firms and companies with a legal department, as well as the financial sector, banks, investment companies, accounting firms and all companies that produce as a result of a flow of administrative documents.

What are the challenges in your field?

The issues are multiple. First of all, at the level of professionals, we intervene to facilitate their daily lives, avoid mistakes, and increase their productivity, as well as their well-being at work. Indeed, at Docify, we focus on the human. Time is a scarce resource, our mission is to help professionals take advantage of it and take back control of their career.

On the other hand, at the corporate level, our technology makes it possible to accelerate its growth in a significant way, to facilitate teamwork, to standardize the production of legal, financial and administrative documents, to encourage best practices and above all to support companies towards digitization andTask automation.

What are Docify’s obligations?

Docify has implemented a turnkey solution that is both simple and effective. We work directly with our customers to implement our SaaS technology. Our team of experts, attorneys, attorneys and former financiers is able to understand the idiosyncrasies and needs of each trade.

We promise quick execution with a strict business continuity guarantee throughout the installation period. Another important point: the Docify platform is designed to integrate with all previously existing technologies. Recognizing that companies may already be equipped with the technologies, Docify allows these different technologies to communicate with each other.

What are the current trends in your field?

When we embarked on the Docify adventure two years ago, the financial and legal sectors were more than reluctant to develop new technologies. Today we see that mentalities have changed a lot on this subject. Companies have become obsessed with innovation. Awareness has begun: new technologies have revolutionized the daily lives of women and men who can finally devote themselves to practicing their profession in the proper sense.

In conclusion, we cannot fail to note the permanent increase in legal and administrative procedures, including the production, review and signing of documents. Thus, employees are overwhelmed with tasks with low added value, which occupy them most of their time, affecting their professional development and well-being at work. I’Document automationOptimization and digitization provide the necessary support to increase the efficiency of professionals, and thus the productivity and growth of companies.

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